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The 25th Hour by David Benioff
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Aug 23, 2011

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

Monty Brogan is a handsome guy, he's got a beautiful girlfriend, he owns a gorgeous Corvette and an attractive apartment. He's got two best friends that he's had by his side his entire life and a dog named Doyle that he loves more then anything. But in 24 hours, it'll all be out of his hands and he'll be on a bus to Ottsville Prison. You see, Monty didn't get his Corvette by playing by the rules and paying taxes. For the majority of his life, he's been making his money by selling drugs on the streets. Now it's all about to blow back in his face.
One thing that sets this book apart from really anything I've ever read is the dialogue. Every character has their different ways of communicating and it makes them feel more real then any description ever could. Benoiff just has this ability to make every situation and every character feel so real. It's something that authors all over the world wish they could capture.
Unfortunately, this is a short book, perhaps too short and that is one of the of few problems I have with it. I finished it in less then five hours (I am usually a fast reader so it may take others a bit longer.) I just felt like some characters and certain parts of the plot were a bit underdeveloped. This may be due to the fact that Benioff focused so much on developing Monty and his two best friends, and it definitely payed off. They're all so likeable, especially Monty. They feel like very real people with real emotions and flaws. You definitely want Monty to somehow escape the impossible situation Benioff has put him in. Another thing that I think saves Benioff from being criticized about the length is the fact that your left thinking about it for so long afterward that the book feels a lot longer. It's so emotional, one of the more emotional books I have ever read, it's just impossible not to tear up or at least feel the words puling on your heart strings as you turn the final pages.
Before you get too excited though, I feel like the ending is the biggest problem I have with the 25th Hour. For a book that is really just constantly building up to what will happen to Monty at the end, it leaves you a bit dissatisfied. Don't get me wrong, it's a good ending, but I just feel like it was a bit to open and that it could've been better.
This is just a fantastic book from beginning to end and it will have you questioning your own life decisions all the way through. I think the greatest books are the ones that you're able to take something from. I learned a thing or two from the 25th Hour and I can safely say that after reading, I valued things more in my life then I did before. For that reason, I simply can't give this book any less than a four.
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Lisa Rathbun I liked Monty and his friends too which speaks to the power of the author because I don't think I'd like them in real life! But Benioff made me care about them and feel tremendous pity for the emptiness they feel inside.

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