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Everneath by Brodi Ashton
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I'm serious! Whether you're a fan of contemporary novels or paranormal books (like me!), Everneath is a must-have on your shelf. It has the perfect mixture of a supernatural element, beautiful writing, and perfectly flawed characters that make your heart leap out of your chest!

Everneath was so different from the Persephone and Hades re-telling I thought it would be — and I mean that in the BEST possible way! Brodi Ashton created an original and fascinating world of immortal Everlivings that fed on humans for life, with plot twists I didn't see coming and raw emotion so powerful that I couldn't believe this was a debut!

But my absolute favourite thing had to be the characters. I connected with Nikki instantly — her mind and actions were so easy to believe and understand. And yes, there's a love triangle but it worked perfectly in this book! ♥ Both Jack and Cole were seriously two of the awesomest book boys in the history of awesome book boys (and both were also SO sweet)!

Beautiful, heartbreaking, and completely original, Everneath was a debut that stole my breath away! I would give it a million stars if I could. There aren't many books that portray human emotions this flawlessly and Brodi Ashton has definitely made my favourites list because of it! :)

BUY or BORROW?: I would buy this book for the cover alone, but what's inside is definitely worth every penny! Buy this book for sure! ;)

(Original review at Mimi Valentine's YA Review Blog)
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Sierra Abrams oooohh I'm dyyying to read this one!! :D

Jenelle You're so lucky to have already read this! :) Can't wait for it to be released!

Mimi Valentine Thank you so much, you guys!!! <3 :) This books is SO worth the wait, and I'm definitely going to check out your reviews!

Mimi Valentine And I'm looking forward to writing it, Jen! ;) Actually... maybe not LOL! It's always so hard to write reviews for books I absolutely love! x)

Mimi Valentine Definitely exciting! ;) Gosh, I'm just so in love with this book! It has one of the sweetest romances ever!

Raihana OMG! You got to read everneath!!! That is so cool. Lucky you Mimi!:D

One question.. Who do you want Nikki to end up with?Cole or Jack? :)

Mimi Valentine Oh my gosh, that's honestly the hardest question EVER! x) LOL but I'd have to say... Jack. By a hair. ;) Once you read it, you'll understand!

I can't wait until you can read this one, Rai -- it was SO AMAZING! :)

Raihana I can't wait too! :) and yes, I'm sure it will be.

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