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Queens of Geek by Jen  Wilde
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it was amazing

4.5 Stars (but it gets a 5/5 for cuteness)! I really really enjoyed this book! I’m hoping to film a full, indepth review for my YouTube channel, but for now, here’s a quick list of reasons to read Queens of Geek:
-Geeky convention setting!!!
-Chinese-Australian Bisexual main character
-Black wlw love interest
-Plus size main character with Asperger’s and dealing with an anxiety disorder
-Hispanic love interest
-Confronts really important issues like biphobia, bi-erausre, fatshaming, sexism, and toxic relationships
-Really beautiful passages on bisexuality, autism/aspberger’s, & anxiety (like, literally so freaking beautiful I could die)
-Supportive friends, breaking out of comfort zones, so so so much love.
-Cute, funny, sweet, so fluffy and full of feels. A perfect fast, light-hearted read!

While I definitely loved Queens of Geek my 4.5 stars is a fairly critical 4.5 stars because I definitely think QOG has flaws, such as:
-The dialogue isn’t the strongest. The passages on certain topics are FLAWLESSLY WRITTEN but the dialogue fell short for me. Conversation just felt very inauthentic/planned as opposed to natural, so this aspect fell pretty flat for me.

-I was really excited to read a book about a YouTuber like myself, but like every other book including a vlogger that I’ve read, it really underestimates the work YouTubers do. Charlie had the label of a vlogger and she posts videos and she has fans, but that’s it. Any info about being a YouTuber in this book is what you observe from being a viewer, not an actual creator. I feel it really glossed over the work YouTubers do, how it’s a 24/7 career for big stars and not just a hobby they partake in when they want, which makes it feel inauthentic and ill-researched. For example, (view spoiler) The “YouTuber” aspect of Charlie honestly felt a little gimmicky, to say “this book features a main character who’s a YouTuber!” because it really was only a label. I would have preferred it much more if Charlie was just an up-and-coming indie actress that got a surprise rise to fame.

-Certain points were just too cheesy. I’m pretty forgiving with cheese in YA, but combined with the not-so-great dialogue and massive influx of pop-culture references (beyond normal convention conversation) and excessive use of fandom language (listen there's only so many times a celebrity couple can refer to themselves by their own ship name before it gets obnoxious), I definitely rolled my eyes at specific parts.

Overall, I really loved Queens of Geek . It was a super fun read with so much to love, even if I had some critiques. I would definitely definitely recommend!!!!!
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amber Wasn't Charlie Chinese-Australian? not Chinese-American? My mistake if I'm wrong.

Emma Giordano Amber wrote: "Wasn't Charlie Chinese-Australian? not Chinese-American? My mistake if I'm wrong."

Yes that's what I meant! I just corrected it, thank you :)

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter Tillman >I would definitely definitely recommend!!!!!

OK the 5 (count 'em) *5*!!!!! did it. TBR!!

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