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And All Between by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
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Jun 15, 2007

really liked it

For some reason Synder decided to write the same book twice: this one from the perspective of Terra, who lives below the Root, and its sister book Below The Root from the perspective of Raamo, who above the Root in the trees. Until the Celebration finishes off the trilogy.

These stories take place on a alien world where most of the people are peaceful and loving, and live their lives in the towering and massive trees. Due to the low gravity, they all glide from branch to branch using suits with built in wings. However, a small number of young children are sometimes lost by falling off of a tree before learning to glide. The ground is an alien place that is feared, as they are told that terrible monsters live under the giant Root that lines the forest floor.

Raamo, who is training as a priest, ventures down to the floor and discovers Terra, who he takes (incorrectly) to be a fallen child. In reality, she has squeezed out from below the Root.

A lovely story about the horrible things people can do in the name of good.

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