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Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson
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Aug 23, 2011

it was amazing
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It's no secret I love Sarah Alderson and her crazy addictive novels, so my expectations were high for Losing Lila... but apparently not high enough, because this book blew me away far more than I was anticipating! Sarah did not waste any time in delivering adrenaline-pumping chase scenes, run-ins with crime lords and SKINNY DIPPING all within the first 50 pages. Given what happened at the end of Hunting Lila, Alex and Lila are on the run from The Unit. They get involved in some crazy shit. They then meet up with Demos and the team again and get involved in more crazy shit. And so the cycle goes on until you're about to burst from the epicness of it all. Secondary characters like Jack, Suki, Nate and Key shine just as brightly as Lila and Alex. We get to explore their personalities on a far deeper level, I can't explain how much I grew to love them or how often the likes of Suki and Nate had me giggling!

Despite how much I clearly loved this book, there was one major element that I hated and she goes by the name of Lila Loveday. I adored her in Hunting Lila, we shared a similar goal of wishing to attain the gorgeous boy she loved since childhood. But now that she has him, she goads the reader with her ability to admire Wakeman's naked body, glistening with water under the oh-so-flattering-to-his-marine-issued-abs moonlight; or else feeling his hot and steamy breath in her ear. THEN she has the nerve to recount these memories in her mind, thus taunting poor, mind-invading Suki with what Suki can't have. What. A. B*tch. WORST CHARACTER EVER. ZAP HER WITH A PSY GUN! BZZZZ. *zaps her with a psy gun*


Well, alright, maybe that's just my insane jealousy talking. Apart from that small non-issue, I loved Lila so much more this time around. I swear, every single character has been 90% amplified with pure, undiluted AWESOMENESS. Lila really blossoms into one damn badass heroine. She's growing into her abilities and testing her limits with surprising results. She's just as stubborn and independent as ever, and making risky, but admirable sacrifices for the ones she loves. I understood her every decision, her every emotion and not once did she disappoint me. Put simply, this girl ROCKS.

I was aware of every rippled curve in Alex Wakeman's beautiful chest before cracking open this stunning sequel, but clearly this marine is a master at deceit, because either I was hopped up on hormones while reading or Lieutenant Wakeman got a HELL OF A LOT SEXIER. As the ever intelligent (but not the author, they're just so equally awesome they share a name) Sarah pointed out to me while reading, it's likely because he's a more willing participant in the relationship compared to the first book. Which means Alex is doing just as much of the tongue waggling as Lila. Even amongst the non-stop action, there is enough steam rising from the pages to alert your local fire department five blocks away. But unlike your standard air-polluting house fire, this is one steam-fest you're begging to inhale more of.

What I especially loved about Losing Lila is that there is never a lull in the story, it's go go go from beginning to end. There is always a plan in motion or sneaky twist lurking around the corner to constantly keep you wide-eyed and alert. I said it about Hunting Lila, but it bears repeating: this will make an AMAZING movie. The tightly woven plot doesn't even need to be re-written for script, everything leaps off the page in HD visuals, just grab a camera and press shoot. Sarah so effortlessly draws you into Lila's shoes, so you're experiencing every bump, blast and sensual touch along with her.

Losing Lila is EVERYTHING I hope for in a novel: toe-curling romance, high-octane action scenes, shocking twists and laugh-out-loud humour. This is, without question, Sarah Alderson's best work yet. I hope she returns to these characters one day in the future, because I am so not ready to part ways with them. If you've yet to read Hunting Lila, I HIGHLY urge you to run to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of the sequel. And if you have read it already, regardless of whether you liked it or not, bump Losing Lila to the top of your wishlist because you're in for a delightful surprise.
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Rebecca YAY. Read it and swoon ;) So glad to see your starting this, I'm super excited to see what you think. ALEX. *faints*


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Precious I need to read Hunting Lila asap. It's a mortal sin for me not to. Right?

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