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La Femme Fatale by Marilyn Yu
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Relations that Suck and La Femme Fatale are two stories about the same girl – a vampire named Eva. La Femme Fatale tells her story, taking us back to the time of the French Revolution and her move to the New World. It takes us through her early time as a vampire and her struggle to both conceal and accept what she is. The most unique part of La Femme Fatale, however, is its format. Referred to as “genre-busting” Marilyn Yu has taken our traditional concept of the book and turned it into...a deck of cards. Though large (they're about trade paperback size) the cards remind you of a tarot deck. Containing a story, waiting to be read.

From Eva's personal narrative in La Femme Fatale, the story continues in Relations that Suck. Relations that Suck starts much later on, once Eva has figured out a way to live inconspicuously as a vampire. She befriends a local spider named Dries, It explores their complicated relationship and both the positive and negative effects that relationship can have on one another. Like La Femme Fatale, this book isn't presented in the traditional way. The narrative is accompanied by a series of beautiful photographs that represent the evolution of Eva and Dries.

Both of these stories are presented in an incredible fashion. The photographs in Relations that Suck are breathtaking and you need to take your time to fully take in each one. The story wouldn't have been nearly as interesting without them. Likewise, the artwork in La Femme Fatale is equally breathtaking. Each card was clearly give a great deal of time and attention and the art has an incredible detail, fitting in with whatever time period is taking place at different points in the story.

The stories themselves are well written but I don't think would stand out quite as well without their artwork. The two go together, they are perfect compliments. There are many stories out there right now about vampires. These two stories do not differ all to much from whats already out there, but what makes them worth picking up is the multi-level experience you will get from them. You're not just reading a story. You're also looking at an art show, reading the tarot cards and getting pulled in by Eva's dark and beautiful eyes. I really enjoyed reading these books and they are a great read for people looking for a break from the conventional novel.

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