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How I Married a Marquess by Anna Harrington
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I've been trying to read this book for a while now, and once I figured out I wasn't anywhere near interested enough to read it properly I spent a lot of time dithering around before I read through enough of it to leave a reasonably articulate review. I have a TBR list that can span the equator, goddamit I do not have the time for this.

And yet, here we are. Because if I don't do this review at some time in the future I'm possibly end up with this book again and will have to live through the same experience. Again.

The prose in this book is not bad as much as occasionally ill-judged and badly edited. While I realize that a deep and profound loathing for the adjectives "masculine" and "feminine" is merely a pet peeve of mine, there were other instances of word usage I found both jarring and easily corrected. There are, however, a few genuinely hilarious moments (that last holdup was beautiful- the guy just HATES playing the Highwayman), which leave me with an uncomfortable longing for what could have been.

What IS, however, is a story that honestly makes no sense and pats itself on the back for having such beautiful and speshul characters. I saw equivalents of the phrase "not like other girls" enough times that I got tired of rolling my eyes. And the hero, of course is so perfect that the heroine can tell at first glance that he's oh so charismatic because two girls are paying attention to him talking. This book suffers from a bad case of telling rather than showing.

What else? Ah, yes. The Sherlock Scan. I'm very much in the Sir Samuel Vimes school of thought when it comes to the Art of Deduction, which means that I get really fucking irritated when the Sherlock Expy in question confidently and accurately latches on to the one true explanation when there could be so many other equally valid reasons. A woman's hair being slightly badly dressed does not necessarily mean that her maid is sick. Her maid could have been careless, trying out a new style which did not quite work, or a different person could have dressed her hair. In addition, it could have been messy because she was moving too much, or because hairpins tend to fall out, or because the last time her saw her it was the evening towards the midpoint or so of a dance. Sherlock Scans are great, but people who use them really need to note that Arthur Conan Doyle also mentioned something about eliminating whatever else was possible first.

One last point before I close up. I find it hard to see how Josie can be a successful Highwayman, competent enough to warrant someone sending a detective after her. There is embezzlement happening at the Orphanage? CLEARLY the one true solution is highway robbery, nevermind that you are not comfortable with the whole concept at all and do not enjoy it one bit. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE crusading women with all my heart, and that was the main reason I gave this book a try in the first place. But it has to be a reasonable and rational course of action, not a gimmick by the author to show yet again how special and different her MC is.

(As a sidenote; I'd like to direct all seekers of crusading women to Trial by Desire, which features the Regency version of Batman for battered women. I do love the Rich Idiot with No Day Job facade.)

Anyway, it's a disappointing book. I often find that I'm disappointed with books that advertise their heroines as badass. They almost never live up to the hype, and the women soon fall into tired and true roles of traditional femininity.
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Ally Oh my gawd. Possibly one of my favorite reviews. The whole Sherlock takedown? Brilliant! Keep on reviewing. This is gonna be fun.

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