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Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
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Aug 20, 2011

really liked it

4.5 stars.

I’ve seen this series around forever and thought it looked interesting, but just never checked it out before. Thanks to the Borders implosion (totally sarcastic, I hate that they’re closing, way to go upper management!), I’ve been buying all of the books that I’ve thought about getting before but never did because I now know I’ll never get them this cheap again. Luckily, this was one of them.

While I love vampire books where vampires are the good guys, sometimes it’s nice to read one where they’re not. At all. Yet the vampires weren’t the ones I most wanted dead in this book, the annoying, psycho chicks tormenting Claire throughout it were the ones I wanted to kill. And possibly torture. The fact that a guy in the book said he didn’t hit girls pissed me off. If they’re monsters, human or otherwise, hit them, toss them down the stairs, decapitate ‘em, for all I care.

But I digress, Glass Houses is about Claire Danvers who moves to Morganville, Texas to attend college at Texas Prairie University. Claire is extremely smart and entered college early, but since she’s only sixteen her parents insisted that she go to a school within a couple hundred miles of home for two years before transferring to a university she really wants to attend. Thanks to the aforementioned nutbags, Claire is forced to find housing off-campus and ends up renting a room from Michael Glass who’s friends also live in his family’s house (they’re all around eighteen), Eve, a barista at a local coffee house, and Shane, doesn’t really seem to do anything but has a connection to the lead troll tormenting Claire. It’s at Glass house that she not only makes real friend but learns what’s really going on in Morganville.

Suuuuuuch a quick read, I can’t believe I didn’t start this series sooner! Really liked all of the characters and the plot and though certain things are wrapped up in the first book, there are enough unresolved issues left to be dealt with in following installments. I also liked that there seem to be two factions of vampires and can’t wait to see if one is better than the other (though they’re both still bloodsucking fiends) and to see how they both interact with those living in Glass house.

And the last sentence?! I turned the page for more and was all “WHAT THE…???!!!!!” when I found out there wasn’t any, that was the end! I can’t believe we were left hanging like that! Fortunately there are about 400 sequels out now so I’m lucky that I won’t have to wait too long to find out what happened. Just as long as it takes to get my tail to Borders and buy up whatever books they have left in the series.

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