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The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry
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** spoiler alert ** I wanted to give this a chance and that's why I won't be rating it.

They met when they were both in Vegas they spend a night together he dared her to marred him she did, he left her the next morning, leaving his wedding ring on the table with a note saying "SORRY" after promising her that they would make their marriage work... The reason for leaving her was just plain stupid when he later on thought about it, he thought there were other options instead of leaving her.

He didn't bother to look for her not once or to give into the temptation of looking for her which it tells me that he didn't cared enough to look for her...🙄
She hired a private Investigator to look for him.. Surprise.. she didn't find him because he gave her his middle name instead of his first name...😒

They both have slept with other people.. That didn't bother me, what bothered me was that they are still very much married so in conclusion they are both cheaters he asked her for a second chance or for a month to show her that they belong together. She told him that she was giving him a week at this point she hasn't even tell the boyfriend (you know the one she's in love with?) that she's going on 5 dates with her husband? See where I'm going with this? CHEATER!!! She does tell him after the 4th date and an almost kiss..

I hate the hero, he practically forced her to date him and stupid her she agreed.
So there's OM and an OW who touched his arm affectionately while he was having dinner with the h and another one (not even worth mentioning)..

AND.. OMG.. the heroine correcting her name to the worthless Hero.
He would called her Emmy, she'll correct him Emmeline.
That shit drove me crazy!!! 😤

Hero tells heroine that her love for her boyfriend is all in her head.
“You don’t want him. It’s all just in your head because you’re mad at me. Your face doesn’t light up when he calls, not like it does when you look at me. You talk about what you two do but not how he makes you feel. And if you really loved him, no way in hell you’d stay married to me for nine years. You could have gotten that divorce a fuck of a long time ago.”

Yep I totally agree with him about divorcing his ass 9 years ago, she should have divorced him if that were me I wouldn't have waited 9 years to divorced him, I would have done it the next freaking day that he left me!!

Here's a quote from the cheater herself.
“Here I was, making out with another man, when just hours ago I had told Logan that I loved him. Which I did.”

“What kind of a person had I become? I didn’t cheat. I had vowed never to become like my parents. How could I do this to Logan? My sweet, wonderful boyfriend, who was having trouble adjusting to the fact that his girlfriend was now living in Montana while he stayed at home in New York”
She didn't bother breaking up with boyfriend before making out with her husband.

This two cheaters deserved each other.

I mean what kind of person compares the man she supposedly loves with the husband who left her ass the next morning?
Another lovely quote from the amazing woman (NOT) talking to her boyfriend which I may add was pretty good boyfriend.
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too,” he said, kissing my hair.
“Are you here to break up with me?”
He chuckled. “I wasn’t planning on it.”
“Good,” I said, squeezing him tighter.
I took a few deep breaths, inhaling his Armani cologne, before pulling away. Logan always smelled good.
Nick smells better.
That unwelcome comparison ran right through my mind without control. Silently scolding myself, I looked into Logan’s brown eyes. My brain unwillingly conjured up the image of Nick’s vibrant hazel ones.
Nick’s eyes are better too.
What was wrong with me? Why was I standing here with my amazingly handsome boyfriend thinking about Nick Slater”

The only good thing about this book was the boyfriend he let her go so she could be happy, he didn't even caused drama. So kudos to him for dropping her ass like she deserved.
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message 1: by Rachel K (new) - added it

Rachel K Definite pass for me! Thanks so much for the review, Leonor. Saved me from smashing my kindle! 😉

message 2: by Cyndi (new) - added it

Cyndi Sounds terrible!

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Lol, I was close to breaking my poor kindle. 😫

message 4: by Miranda R. (new) - added it

Miranda R. Awesome review L! Voy a pasar este libro. Gracias.

message 5: by Ann Lou (new)

Ann Lou Yikes! Great review Leonor! Definitely not for me.

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) Thank you ladies. 🙂

message 7: by Nixxi (new)

Nixxi grat review....thanks for the heads up... this is a pass for me.

message 8: by Nixxi (new)

Nixxi Great*

 Leo (Queen of the Rants) You're welcome Nixxi.

message 10: by Fatimama (new)

Fatimama Omg! Wtf!

message 11: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Since every review of yours I've read has been accurate I'm skipping this one. Thanks.

message 12: by Rejane (new) - added it

Rejane Omg.. that’s cheaters 101
And that’s abhorrent. Thank you for the info

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