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The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy
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Aug 20, 2011

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

Look yonder, he said.
I see it, said Boyd.
Why didnt you say somethin if you seen it?
I'm sayin it now.
- Cormac McCarthy, "The Crossing"

I heart Cormac. This is a 5 bill-star book with a so-so ending.

"The Crossing" is the 2nd in Cormac's "Border Trilogy". The first is "All the Pretty Horses" which is an easy 4 bill-star effort. That book had a similar review: great reading with a slack ending.

This is wonderful guy fiction. Here are just some of the things I loved:

1) Riding free along the Mexican border... no watch, no calendar, no nothing
2) Wonderful, deep characters, and the main characters are likeable, but complex
3) Exciting plot with wolves and bandidos and hot chicks and everything
4) Great, fun dialog
5) Plenty of smokin and drinkin and cussin and starvin and hustling and shootin and dirt and tortillas and...
6) Cormac's wonderful, sparse writing style gets you into the feel of a Western. He has folksy fun with it too... "it was darker than the inside of a cow"

The whole package is totally engrossing. At the end the action slows, and we bump into a blind soldier who prattles on for way too long with his nihilistic view of the world... blah blah blah. Perhaps, Cormac got a little caught up in throwing his own philosophy into the mix, but what do I know.

Cormac McCarthy is genius. His writing style seems to adapt to the story he's telling. The pace of the story varies wildly from one page to the next... from wild action to quiet introspection to just hanging out in the Mexican mountains. Everything in Cormac's writing feels true and honest. His sparse, folksy Western style is totally engaging. It's all in the context of guys doing guy stuff, in this case, adventures riding horses around the Mexican border.

Have you always been crazy?
I dont know. I never was much put to the test before today.
How old are you?
Well you aint got the sense God give a goose. Did you know that?
You may be right.
- Cormac

On to the 3rd book in the trilogy: "Cities on the Plain".
yow, bill
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