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Le pacte des vierges by Vanessa Schneider
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Aug 20, 2011

really liked it
Read in October, 2011

I hesitated between 4 stars and 5 stars... I will go with 4, but if half stars were available, I would go with it.

I really liked reading this book, so much that I finished reading it in one day (and I could not read it during the whole day because... well I have to work...). When I started it in the morning, I just wanted to know more and more.

The story: It is based on a news item - 17 students of the same school all pregnant at the same time. We are following a fictive journalist - the whole book is a fiction - a French journalist, who has interviews with 4 of the girls, and we realise they are at the center of the whole story while reading the book.
We never hear the journalist or have her thoughts. In the books, only the girls are speaking, as if the journalist had just written exactly what she had heard. For example, a girl will say to her "You ask me why we did that...?" So we never "hear" the journalist.
The way the book is written is very lively: first, because of the style. The fact that throughout the book we have the impression the girls are talking (to us) makes it more lively in a general way.
Then, because there are 4 girls. We have a few pages with one, and a few pages with another one, and a third one, and then we are going back to the first one, but a few days later. This is really to maintain the suspense because each time we leave a girl in a precise situation - either waiting for some news from someone or having to do something - and we want to know what will happen.
The story starts when the girls are already at 7 or 8 months pregnancy I think, and they have 4 different lives and ways of living this "adventure", so each time we want to know how things will evolve for them. Some are more mature than others, so we want to know if they will understand or realise things, how their environment will change, etc.

Why I am not giving this book 5 stars:
Because even if this book is really interesting and great, the story is not so awesome. The book is quite short, and we slightly have an impression, when finishing the book, that for some characters we stayed a little on the surface of things. It would have been interesting to go deeper on some points.
Then, other thing, what the girls say: we clearly feel sometimes that it was invented by an adult. These girls are supposed to have 15/16, but they have, from time to time, reasonings which only someone who has 35/40 and has lived already many things in life could have. Ok, they are going to be mums, so they have to be more mature... but at this age you are still a little unconscious of what you are doing, and here it is forgotten a bit too quickly and they seem much too mature and have reasoning much too mature.

But overall, it is really a good book to read, I really enjoyed reading it and I warmly recommend it.

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