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Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Aug 19, 2011

really liked it
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I never read this kind of book before and I know some of my friends already mentioned and read books with this kind of concept which I don't like to mention to avoid comparing both books. This is my first time to encounter a sweat jerking book. I really felt excited while reading but before that there were parts that are annoyingly out of this world.

Beginning. Everything was in chaos, I don't have any idea what I read or what really happened to Kali. Is she dead or trying to suffocate readers of her own emotion? She kept of pestering me by spreading her negative emotion through words without knowing the main reason. I don't like to judge her in the first place but she keep the readers think of what will happen next.

This is my first book from the author and I don't have any idea of her writing style, but to make things straight she had the worst introductory part of the story or maybe this is her own style. To make readers curious to death about Kali. In fairness, her style works for me but I don't know with the other reader. I nearly deleted my copy because of the annoyance I got, anyway; at least I deserved something great in the end.

Middle. This is awesome! Give me a break Ms. Jennifer Lynn Barnes, you made my week better after reading it. But still, I'm not impressed with what you did in the book. I'm forcing myself to fight with Kali no to ride with Bethany's car. I almost spit my saliva when I read that part and I know already the answer behind the big question mark that you put in the beginning of the book even though you are making the story longer, longer than a infinite line.

End. I don't like to sleep, I mean, I don't like to stop this book. It has the best ending, no, heartwarming, tear jerking, action pack ending. Mysteries have to unveil to make everything clear to the reader. Jeez, the twist in the end made me jump in the bed. Most of my speculation were wrong and at least one of them was right, emphasize at least. I recommend this to YA and paranormal readers, the one with a good spirit of fight or a strong heart and courage to become a hunter. A hunter or huntress to kill prenatural waiting outside.

Conscious and sweating.

Stop readers, I'm not yet done. Do you think I did not know that you guys don't have any idea of what I'm saying? Well, this book is all about a girl with some kind of urge to go hunt prenatural. I mean supernatural, mythical or creatures that only our imagination created or maybe they are not. They lure outside the city, they are stored, experiment, studied and genetically reproduce to create something special.

Kali, a young girl with an extraordinary strength and speed cannot determine her origin why she works not like any normal girl. But before that she has to fight with monsters and people that cooperate in the study of creatures that are extinct in the world. Where Kali did got her power or can she even manage to save her friends in the middle of her problem?

It started when she saw that one of the popular girls in her school have a mark that she recognized as danger. She only have few hours remaining to save her in her human form. She not only manages to save her but also manage to solve every secret in her back and she involved her friends into a very dangerous adventure. An adventure that won't last long and a secret that will reveal the true purpose of her life.

Shutting down.

While reading the book I imagine BabyDoll of Sucker Punch. Jeez, I don't need further explanation for it. I love the fighting scene, although it lacks detailed explanation or description of the fight. I want to see her slashing the head with splashing blood in her undies. Oops!

Thanks to NetGalley for giving me a chance to read a free advance copy of the book and to the publisher, Egmont USA.

Review posted on (I'm planning to create a blog for YA, stay tune).

Rating: Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 4 Sweets

Book #229 for 2011
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Maria I'm moving this up on my NetGalley TBR list. :)

Kwesi 章英狮 Haha, you should and I think you have to read Isa's review too. I find it difficult to read in the beginning of the story and there is a part that disappoints me most in the near end. Wish everything will be fine for you.

Wendy Darling Oh, I'm looking forward to this one. :)

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