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Lost in Bliss by Sophie Oak
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Aug 19, 2011

it was amazing
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Seriously...Can Sophie Oak write a bad book? Is it possible?

Lost in Bliss is the latest tale from my all-time favorite town. We get the wonderful things we expect from a Sophie Oak book...humor, romance, crazy secondary characters, a lot of secrets revealed, and smoking hot men who are working through their issues to claim the woman they love.

Rafe and Cam are two FBI guys who have been looking for Laura for 5 years. She disappeared after she was tortured by a serial killer, and ran somewhere she thought no one could find her...Bliss. I will say that there are some darker topics here, and we get some moments inside a very twisted individual's mind. Despite that I can still come away from this book with a smile in my heart. The love and strong spirit that Sophie gives her characters allow them to triumph over some crazy awful circumstances with a sense of humor.

The T-shirts...OMG the T-shirts! I want these T-shirts! "Don't worry about the murder rate in Bliss. The wings are hot at Trio." There were more. All freakin' hilarious. There is apparently a bad image in Bliss because so many folks who head there end up dead. But those were the bad people! ;p

Laura is hesitant to believe that Rafe and Cam want her for more than to soothe their guilty conscience. Although if I had two smokin' FBI guys keep searching for me for 5 years, one who even quit his job to dedicate his life to the search...well I might be more inclined to believe them. Thankfully the citizens of Bliss tell her she's being a dumbass, in the way only they can, by planning a wedding for her and her fake fiance.

I still don't see how those big men are going to fit in Laura's little cabin, but I love the scenes where they definitely try to make it their own!

We get some new citizens in our ever expanding Bliss family, another murder, lots of snarky comments, some more hot alpha males, and a fabulous HEA ending that shows us a peek at where our next Bliss adventure will take us. Can Bliss can unite another loving family without a body count this time? Nah...Zane is having way too much fun with those t-shirts!

5 stars. And bless Sophie Oak for her otherworldly ability to crank out fabulous novels at a break-neck pace. I will be first in line to buy the next. Keep writing woman...I will keep reading them.
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Michele ~ la Smoocherina Where did you buy this? Amazon and B&N don't have it? :)

Chloe EricJacobLover, right now the book is only available through Siren-Bookstrand. ( It's available in a Kindle version from them. It should be available on Amazon and B&N in a few weeks. You can "like" Sophie on Facebook and she will announce there when it becomes available.

BTW, love the name. I am also and Eric and Jacob lover :)

Thanks for the great review, Missive. Beast is up next. It is SOOOOOOO good. Dante is incredible.

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Chloe wrote: "EricJacobLover, right now the book is only available through Siren-Bookstrand. ( It's available in a Kindle version from them. It should be available on Amazon and B&N in a ..."

Ok. Thanks. :)

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