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Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements
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Aug 18, 2011

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So a kid wakes up and is invisible. Hmmm.... Well what could have happened? It is all because of a stupid blanket. Yes. I said a blanket.

The parents freak out just like parents do. His dad (By the way the kids name is Bobby) any way, his dad is a major science geek. Like one of those ones that smash atoms and try to find something interesting. Huh. I wonder what could be interesting about that.

His mom is a teacher at the local university. She has to analyze every single book that is on this planet. (sounds like somebody I know.)

They, of course, forbid him to go to school because, well, floating clothes may create some ... well, curiosity.

Now the only weird thing about this book is... dun dun dun

If he wants to go anywhere, he has to go naked.

Yeah, WEIRD.

ANYWAYS ...He goes to the library and LITERALLY runs into a blind girl. Immediately, he thinks "Wow, she is beautiful" Duh like every boy does. (Except for the ones I want. Geez)

Moving on.

He befriends her, and learns all about her.

Bobby: He hates it when his parents when they make his life decisions for him. (which I mean, I would be too!)

Alicia: Hard headed. Very Hard headed. She hates it when someone tries to help her. She feels like she is useless when her mom is around.

Mr. Phillips: Crazy scientist. As I told earlier, he likes to smash atoms. Always looking for a theory to explain everything!!!

Mrs. Phillips: Personally she is my favorite character. She is hard headed and can't stand it when others try to tell her what to do.

Which Brings Me To My Next Point

When Bobby doesn't show up for school the whole school boards gets involved. They start interrogating Mr. and Mrs. Phillips about where Bobby is and if he is safe.

Well Mrs. Phillips does NOT like that. Her and this lawyer (or social worker) really get into it. They yell at each other and are out to prove each other wrong some way or another.


Alicia's dad figures out that his "disability" (as they make it seem) has something to do with the blanket. Not sure how he figured that out but hey, he did.

Bobby and Alicia decided to go do some detective work. (Oooh sneaky)

They do some research on this particular blanket that is from Sears. Many of the people they talk to will not give any of the information to them. They are, let's say, uptight about it.

They go to sears and steal the information. (They are CRIMINALS!) Good grief.

And I will Finish Later

Well, I might.


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