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The Silent Blade by Jesseca Wheaton
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3.5 Stars

Firstly... I liked the book overall. Especially with these points:

1. The main men characters were all sweet in some way and I just really liked that. Willem, Casimir, and Stace were such nice fellows. ;)
2. The way the title was tied in at the end had me going "Oooh, nice..." and as I'm not very clever all the times with titles myself it was fun to read one that was worked in so well.
3. There were plenty of unique names, and that's always a plus for me. ;)
4. The beginning descriptions of the ocean were beautiful-- "shimmery blue" and just the images it created were so pretty.
5. The part where (view spoiler)
6. There were some really great action scenes. *wink wink*

So to go on to the parts that brought my review down a bit?

1. To be honest, I felt that quite a few of the characters were rather cliche. The main character Eira was very typical of the "good with some sort of weapon" girl. I'm not sure how to explain it, but she just came across as flat to me. That said, I still liked her enough to enjoy her story. :) The villains also weren't the best developed, in my opinion. Their backstories just didn't convince me enough... it seemed as though their reactions to things were way overdone, and didn't make much sense realistically.
2. I had a bit of trouble with the dialogue. It was quite modern a lot of the times (in fact, Eira herself felt more like a modern cliche of a character than a historical one), sometimes it seemed out of place or didn't flow too smoothly. It was a bit dialogue heavy at times as well, I thought...I'm not sure exactly why but I just got that feeling.
3. The beginning confused me a lot. I finally started to figure things out, but I was really mixed up at first. Names, relations between characters, piecing together the story with the backstories, trying to figure out what they were talking about/what was going on. But it definitely got easier the more you read. :)
4. It was hard for me to remember that it was historical... while some aspects did portray that aspect of the story well (the monastery, the swords obviously, talk about the Vikings, trade ships and so on) a lot of times it just didn't feel any different then modern day with swordsmen and horses.
5. I felt like there were some plot holes here and there, and while Henry's ending was nice, it just was so out-of-the-blue and random that it just seemed strange. One thing that bothered me most I think is how all through the book Eira is talked about how good she is with the sword, better than most men and so on--but in a critical moment, it just felt like she wasn't trying. If she was so good, right then her skill must have fallen through.

But like I said, I did enjoy the book overall. :) It had some great action scenes, and the touch of romance was sweet and light. The way "he" went about it was so adorable. It's not a very deep book but made for a nice and fun read, and I'd recommend it as such. ;)
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