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La Comtesse de Cagliostro by Maurice Leblanc
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really liked it
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"We will play all the stunning tricks and laugh together!"

OMG, love this spirit!

La Comtesse de Cagliostro, or ' Countess de Cagliostro', is the 12th book in the Arsene Lupin series, serving as the 'origin story' of the infamous gentleman thief:

Note: I read the Chinese translation of this book.

We meet the 20 years old Arsene Lupin (although he didn't call himself this at that time) who is an penniless orphaned young man with no family good name and background for protection, but what he lacks in family background and social status, the young Lupin would make it up with his ambition, wit and his passionate love for a pretty young lady whom he intends to win from the girl's stern father.

So on we go with Lupin through his adventure/misadventure, we realize the girl's father is hiding an ominous secret, and a scheme is being set into motion to recover a grand hidden treasure, soon Lupin had encountered the mysterious, beautiful Countress de Cagliostro in a most unlikely situation, the Countress is rumored to be 100-plus years old and her enemies (she has many) called her 'witch'; she also sets her eyes on the hidden treasure. Romance, love triangle, schemes and conflicts ensured.

(Link: http://www.cinetrafic.fr/film/1695/ar...)

I'm happy to meet the 20 years old Arsene Lupin at his humble beginning, it also amuses me to see the guy acting like a typical teenage male: he is self central, arrogant, irresponsible, thinking all women should adore him, impulsive, overly-confident with his charms and capabilities (though he has been proved to be inexperienced and naive for more than a few times in the story). Still, to be honest, I can't remember a time Lupin isn't an arrogant jerk and isn't chasing after one pretty lady or another. LOL

Oh, how the romance between Lupin and the Countess was written! How the love triangle was written! I'm totally amazed! I mean, at the beginning Lupin vows his undying love to the innocent young lady he is courting (view spoiler) then after he meets the Countess, Lupin forgets all about the poor girl and vowing his undying love and devotion to her, only after some 150 pages later, Lupin remembers the poor girl and writes her a letter to beg her forgiveness! I. Am. Totally. Amused!

Still, despite Lupin's irresponsibility, I'm impressed by how his relationship with the Countess was written, it is an unstable relationship between an ambitious young thief and a lady trickster, filled with love and hatred and betrayal, wounded pride and greed. I guess this part of the story is the part that I like the best.

Extra material:

Arsene Lupin, the movie: http://www.cinetrafic.fr/film/1695/ar...

V.S Lupin: a shojo manga series by a Japanese manga-ka: http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010...
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24.57% "the 20 years old Arsene Lupin (he wasn't called this name back then), in love and in adventure!"
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page 80
27.3% ""we will play all the stunning tricks and laugh together!"

love this spirit!"
May 10, 2017 –
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27.65% "it's made clear that they had sex, and I am a bit shocked."
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32.76% "he meets the mysterious lady for a second time, and already he is vowing his undying love for her. lol"
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39.93% "man, how this romance between a young thief and a lady trickster is written! epic!"
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66.89% "love and hate and fear, wounded pride and greed."
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70.65% "150-plus pages later, he finally remembers to write a letter to his old fame! LOL"
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74.74% "the confession of the mysterious woman."
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75.43% "oh man! what a plot twist!"
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81.91% "a thief and a muderer's daughter."
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95.56% "tge young Arsene Lupin seems to be a typical teenage male: self central, arrogant, thinking women should adore him, implusive, blah blah blah."
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Bgurl (don't h8 me cuz I'm honestful) Excellent review Miz.

Mizuki thanks, B.

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