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Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong
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Aug 17, 2011

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Angels and demons in paranormal romance bring a different kind of grace and power to the genre than the more traditional vampires and werewolves. That’s especially true in WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD, which takes the whole opposites attract idea to extremes when a demon who has long since shed his soul falls for a young angel who refuses to believe that love won’t win. It’s a fast, fun, and well written romance that could have been great except for a couple unfortunate set backs.

My two big hang-ups with WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD were the religious overtones and the character of Serena. Like many paranormal fans, I like the influx of new mythology that angels bring, but I do always get slightly uncomfortable when the mythology in books like this start mucking around with religious dogma. My brain starts going off in different directions and a lot of the fun gets lost for me. Some books, like Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, do an amazing job of leaving religion out of their angels books, but others, like WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD, don’t pull it off quite as well.

And then there was Serena. I never once understood how she could fall for Julian. Every moment she spent with him was because he gave her an ultimatum: either you do want I want or I will destroy someone you love. And he’s not kidding. Serena listens to him talk about what form of depravity he’s going to unleash on someone and in her head she’s battling her uncontrollable lust for him. What? He sends hookers and cocaine to the human she’s guarding, and seconds later she’s moaning while he gropes her. Never came close to respecting her.

Julian at least made sense. He’s a demon. He’s completely upfront with Serena about what he is, what he’s done, and what he plans on doing. I didn’t exactly buy that her ‘angelic’ presence would make him want to abandon his demonic ways, but Julian is written in such a way that as a reader, I wanted him to.

Overall, WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD pits a new angel against an old demon fighting for a human soul and falling in love in the process. The romance is hot and the story soars at a fast enough pace that the occasional religious implications and a heroine who lets her hormones drive didn’t completely ground this book. There is no info about the next book in The Company of Angels series, but presumably we can expect it sometime in 2012.

Sexual Content:
References to orgies, rape, and prostitution. Scenes of sensuality. A graphic sex scene.
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