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Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh
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Apr 11, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: erotic-romance, read-2008, sci-fi-romance
Recommended for: Fans of PN Erotic Romance & Extreme Alpha Males
Read in May, 2008

So many people have raved about the Breeds series and Lora Leigh's writing in general that I finally had to try it out. In many ways, I can certainly see why fans enjoy these so much. I thought the premise was very creative and unique, something I've never seen in a romance novel before. I kept thinking as I read it that this is the stuff that great sci-fi movies are made of. It definitely held my attention, but I found myself wishing the author would tell me more about the Breeds and their back-stories. I guess maybe that will be covered more in the sequels. Even though I really liked the ideas that the plot was built upon, I had mixed feelings about some other aspects. This was only my second read of an erotic novel, the first having been fairly tame by comparison, and although I went into it with my eyes wide open as to the content and wasn't shocked by anything I read, I think I was still caught off guard a bit by the raw, edgy intensity in the sex scenes. There didn't seem to be much tenderness or what I would call heart-stopping romance to be found, and when some of these types of emotions started to surface, it seemed all too brief. That said though, I wasn't offended by anything I read and did not find anything out of context for the storyline. It was really just more a matter of personal preference.

I thought that Callan and Merinus were interesting characters, but I can't say that I really related to either one. I think they were both just a little too alpha for my taste. I felt like these two spent way to much time trying to dominate each other and not enough time just trying to work together to find solutions to the dangerous situation they were in. I like my alpha males, but they also have to have a gentler side (like the brothers of the BDB). Callan just seemed to be on testosterone overload almost all the time. Merinus was also too stubborn and dominant for me. In my opinion her character just wasn't fully fleshed out. I felt like I knew and understood Callan pretty well, but I realized after finishing the book that I never knew much anything of a personal nature about Merinus. I also had a hard time buying into their falling in love. One minute they were lusting after each other like two animals in heat (which they basically were) and the next she was declaring her love out of the blue with him following not long after. This just didn't work well for me. In spite of my criticisms though, I honestly think that Lora Leigh is a good writer, although the editing on the book could have used a little more work. The intriguing cast of secondary characters and the open-ended epilogue have peaked my interest suffieciently to make me want to continue the series to see where this riveting story leads.

Note: This book contains extremely explicit language and sexual situations which some readers may find offensive.
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Daisiemae Hang in there Mom...they keep getting better. Great Review!

Auntee Excellent review! You captured my feelings about the whole Breed series perfectly! The problem I have with the H/H in this series is that they just always seem mad about the feelings they have for each other, and fight, fight, fight. Then all of a sudden, they realize they're in love! But there's something about her writing that makes you want to keep reading! :D

Daisiemae I agree Auntee. I think it's the breeds themselves that are so fasinating to me. Lora writes such great heroes...her heroines sometimes drive me crazy with the argueing and all that but I love this series...plus, they really do get better as they go, don't you think????

Auntee Yeah, I agree. I especially liked the later ones like "Soul Deep" and "Elizabeth's Wolf".

Julianna Thanks Auntee & Daisiemae!

I agree that there is just something compelling about the underlying storyline, and I think it's the sci-fi aspect for me too, cuz' it wasn't really the sex.;) I used to be a huge fan of shows like Dark Angel and The Pretender that had that human as lab rat story going. It's all just really intriguing to me. Hubby and I were discussing the plot yesterday and he was telling me that scientists have been able to isolate certain animal traits, such as glowing in the dark, and mix the DNA of that animal with a different animal that doesn't normally have the trait, giving it to them. So the story wouldn't necessarily be outside the realm of possibility, but of course the moral and ethical ramifications would be huge and certainly something I wouldn't want to see happen. OK, enough science lessons for today.;)

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ElaineY I just a few Breeds and will start on them after Roxanne St Claire's latest Bullet Catcher (can't recall title).

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