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Aug 17, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: own-ebook, contemporary, hot-hot-hot, delicious-hero, 2-and-a-half-stars
Recommended to Nikki by: Juliana Philippa
Recommended for: Readers that enjoy angst, shades of BDSM and don't mind immature heroines.

2.5 stars.

I don't think I've ever read a book that's left me quite as bemused as this one has. The writing left a lot to be desired, the heroine didn't impress me at all and yet I find myself wanting to read the next in the series.

After having a day to let this sink in I have to try and put my feelings succinctly into a review. How do I say this exactly......... Anastasia damn near killed me. There were just too many things about her that turned me off bigtime. I can understand how her vulnerability could make you warm to her, but it just made me frustrated more than anything.

The attraction between Christian and Ana was intoxicating and I was invested in it for sure, but the way that Ana was written really let her down in my opinion. She was an innocent young woman with no sexual experience but her immaturity and childish demeanor really astounded me. At 21 surely she would have had a bit more understanding of the way the world works. The whole "inner goddess vs subconscious" thing was so ridiculous and referred to so many times that I literally wanted to beat my head open with my e-reader. And also - pigtails. PIGTAILS on a 21 year old are so not okay. I'm sorry but what??

Her completely contradictory behaviour - wide eyed innocence and being totally petrified by Christian's sexual tastes but thinking it's hot at the same time. I validate her reasoning behind being nervous about it but honestly why go through with it? If that's the only way you're going to be able to have Christian - by signing up for something like that - then do it. But don't carry on about it for the entire book. You're either invested in him and the relationship or not at all. I'm sorry but I'm a realist.

Another example of Ana's immaturity and contradictory behaviour is how she got so angry at Kate for trying to rile Christian up and stoke his jealousy but then Ana did the exact same thing herself on the next page when she got the massage in first class and told him all about it. The game playing did not warm me to her whatsoever.

In my status updates and other comments I stated how I felt the writing was awful. I really did, at least in the first half. The first person POV didn't help matters either; the narrative was so stilted and had no flow. It read like, "I did this and then this happened and I walked here and I made my bed". The lack of structure was amateurish and painful and made me wonder if the book had been edited at all.

So now that I've got that off my chest let's talk about what I did like. A gorgeous multi-millionaire that becomes almost obsessed with you and wants to keep you for his very own? Any girl's ultimate fantasy right? That aspect of this story is what got me hooked. The fact that Christian had a particular method and structure with his relationships also really drew me in. A dominant hero who finds himself in lust (and maybe even in love) with an innocent is quite fascinating to me and kept me reading. (view spoiler)

And then miracle of miracles, Ana actually grew on me towards the latter part of the book. I found myself very emotionally involved especially in the last 30 or so pages and it was interesting the way the chips fell. That is why I intend to read the next book in the series where no doubt I will be huffing and puffing about Ana all over again.

As an update..... I can't believe my review is getting so many likes 9 months after reading this book. I thought I should let y'all know that I haven't touched this trilogy since stumbling my way through this way back then.
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26.0% "Hmmm what is my opinion so far? I like it but it hasn't hooked me in. It feels like it was written by a teenager. It doesn't flow as nicely as I'd like it to. Christian is intriguing and oozing hotness but Ana is leaving me cold. She's kind of contradictory - all fiery innocence. And she can barely communicate without biting her lip. I feel like shaking her a little bit."
August 21, 2011 –
64.0% "The neverending planning and discussion around Christian and Ana's contract was getting a little monotonous; but now that they're actually doing something the book is moving along nicely. Ana has gotten mildly better, she still seems so gauche though I'm not letting it worry me anymore."
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Juliana Philippa Anna wrote: "Thanks, Catherine! What's weird is TWCS offers the $19.99 price, Amazona offers $9.99(ebook) and $29.99(paper), and B&N doesn't offer it at all. *scratches head and feels annoyed*

*gives evil ..."

LOL! Agreed.

Nikki Anna wrote: "Sorry Nikki for using your post to vent."

No problem, sweets! That's what GR is for - coming together to share information (and vent about the crappy stuff).

message 53: by Anna (Bobs Her Hair) (last edited Sep 10, 2011 03:05PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) I just emailed The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House. Hopefully, they'll reply as to why there isn't a price difference in the paper and ebook formats.

I want to buy this book when it releases in ebook. My Nook wants it. Fifty Shades of Grey will welcome it's company. I wish Amazon/Kindle store wasn't so exclusive with its app and DRM'd ebooks. Monopolistic fiend! :o(

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) TWCS reponsed to my email.

Yes, we will have a competetive ebook price. For now ebooks aren't on sale yet, they are available from the publication date on. You will see the different prices then.

Yay! So owners of Kindles, Nooks, and other ereaders may find a less expensive price than the Kindle store ($9.99) in a format they prefer.

Nikki Thanks for the heads up, Anna. :)

Kristen Nicely said, Nikki.

Desireedenato Good summary. Try 'The Opportunist' by Tarryn Fisher if you want a classy read. She writes love stories like Adele sings them; all fire and regret.

Catherine Cooper I've read The Opportunist @ Desireedenato. I loved it! Do a review on that one Nikki!

message 59: by Cat (new) - rated it 2 stars

Cat Fletcher This is exactly how i felt. Half of me hated it yet half of me wants to order the next book.

message 60: by MBP (new) - rated it 2 stars

MBP Agree with Nikki & Cat. I have to add that in addition to the "inner goddess," the whole biting the lower lip thing drove me crazy (if someone's really bored, I'd wonder how many times in the book her inner goddess was mentioned, and how many times she bit her lower lip.) But - it did improve toward the end, and Christian was an interesting character. Will request the next one from the library - no $ wasted.

Nikki I'm so surprised that people are still liking and commenting on this review after so long! I feel like I wrote it years ago. It's a very pleasant surprise though. And I guess with the whole Fifty thing really blowing up and taking over the world right now I shouldn't be surprised.

I would like to say though that even though I disliked this book for the most part, I don't wish to take anything away from it. EL's creativity with this story is fabulous. Christian was an amazing and exciting character. His attraction to and relationship with Ana was thrilling, absolutely.

Ana though (as you can tell) just did not do anything for me. I felt it was the way she was written. And the writing itself also felt very stilted to me. I appreciate that EL is new to the publishing world, but compared to other books I read, this was just not as enjoyable or felt as smooth to read. And of course I'm going to compare this to the books that I read because I'm a reader.

I'm happy that people enjoy this book and this series though. All power to them.

message 62: by Sita (new) - rated it 2 stars

Sita "You're either invested in him and the relationship or not at all."

THANK YOU! LOL That drove me bonkers.

Great review. Not judgmental, just focusing on the story the way a review should be.

Nikki Thank you Sita! Your comment means a lot to me.

message 64: by Geli (new) - rated it 2 stars

Geli Omg this is such a good review for this book!I feel exactly the same way! I just couldn't find the right words so thank you!

Nikki Wow, you're welcome Geli - thank you!

message 66: by willaful (new) - added it

willaful Good review. You actually make me think it might be worth reading on.

Nikki Thanks willa, it got better but I felt I spent most of it just shaking my head. It's funny because after me saying that I was looking forward to the next in the series, I haven't touched this trilogy since reading Book 1 in August last year.

Karla Annoying but pegged it Nikki!

Michelle [Helen Geek] I will read this one very soon! Such mixed reviews, just have to.

message 70: by Nikki (last edited May 23, 2012 02:21AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nikki Yeah good on you for giving it a go Michelle. Will be interested in seeing how you like it.

And thanks Karla!

message 71: by Jan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jan Falk Ana makes me want to smack her too

message 72: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Great review Nikki, you hit the nail n the head!

Leslie Whitehurst Nikki, you summed up my feelings about this book perfectly! So well that I copied part of your review and added it to mine, with credit of course! ;)

message 74: by Elke (new) - rated it 1 star

Elke Hit the nail on the head Nikki!

Jessie This is almost word for word what I thought!! So. So. True.

message 76: by Sury (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sury I really agree with your review... The book could have been way much better yet i find myself interested in finishing the trilogy. I believe the author had good characters, mesmerizing but honestly, i think somehow the book lack out of content....

message 77: by Laurie (new)

Laurie Smith I checked the book out from the library yesterday. Will return it today. Once you said, "this book is really horrible" I thought, I'll pass. :-) I predict that your synopsis above is more entertaining than the book.

Lundyn MY EXACT THOUGHTS! I was so addicated also, but Ana just annoys the hell out of me! Girl, you got him, have kinky sex and move on! Agreed!

Annie I feel very similar....I said I wont continue on with this series...but I may secretly do The writing si so bad though, ugh...I think I will have to drink on it before continuing

message 80: by Raineih (new)

Raineih Niki I want to thank you so much for this review you are a realist but in a beautiful way ,, I mean you put what I wanted to say but couldn't in words and you did it by only being fair and by reading honestly and understanding the book .. You took a whole different turn from all the unreasonable reviews and helped me understand that it's okay to have likes and dislikes about a book that is out of your comfort zone so thank u again I was gonna stop reading as I didn't know what to feel about the book .. But this is so helpful

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