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The Model Man by Nicole McCaffrey
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I thought the storyline sounded okay...42-yr-old divorced romance author hooks up with the 30-yr-old model who graces the covers of her novels. But the prudish author with very little personality pushed my willingness to suspend disbelief past the boundaries. With her 2 teenaged children staying the summer with her cheating ex and his new gf, Kelly Michaels plays the prick tease card with Derek during their stay at a romance writers' convention. Why? She has insecurities (which are understandable), she worries that Derek is only in this for a fling (and the problem with that is?) and she insists on being a June Cleaver role model for her children. Unfortunately, that lasted over half of the book and I just wasn't feeling the sexual tension that I am sure the author intended to project. When the couple finally made love, it was rather unremarkable.

The second half of the book did pick up as Kelly's inhibitions began to melt away; however, what bothered me was that Kelly, her ex, Alan, and their 2 kids together presented quite the dysfunctional family. First of all, while at the convention, Kelly learned that her 16-yo daughter, Mia, was seeing a 19-yo guy and promptly grounded her from 3000 miles away - even though Mia was staying with her father who had given his permission. In a state of rebellion, Mia slipped out of her dad's home, got drunk, had her naval pierced and promptly laid the guilt at Kelly's feet. When Alan brings the kids home & finds Derek at the house, Alan starts in with the insults about Kelly's "boy toy", Mia hurling remarks about Kelly being a hypocrite and wailing that she wants to live with "daddy". Infuriated, Kelly picks up "the first thing she can find" and throws the box of kleenex at Alan. Good thing it wasn't a paperweight. Later, Derek punches Alan when he boasted that his new gf taught him what good sex was because Kelly was such a dead lay. Alan storms over to Kelly's house to show her what "the neanderthal" did and Mia scowls at Kelly with contempt...urging her father to press charges. Kelly raises her hand to strike her ex but at the last minute refrains.

Ladies and gentlemen: June Cleaver has left the building...

...and this family needs some serious counseling! Derek, the package of total perfection...what is he willingly getting himself involved in? And, more importantly...why?

At this point, having listened to 6 hours of the 9-hr audio book and not being any more invested in the story than I was at the onset, I pitched the book into the dnf pit. Thunk!
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message 1: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Time for the hot 30 year old model hero to flee this snakepit :-/

KarenH LOL, thanks Scully. I agree.

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