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Demon by Kristina Douglas
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Aug 16, 2011

really liked it

Demon book picks up 7 years after the end of Raziel book.

The story spins around Azazel this time, who is trying to recover from the loss of his beloved Sarah, while hunting for Lilith, the demon known for the ability of seducing men and killing newborns. After a while, he finally finds the demon, who seems to be asleep inside of a girl named Rachel. He still decides to end her life, leaving her to die by the hands of the nephilim, creatures known for their brutality, their hunger for supernatural creatures.For a reason that's unknown even for him, Azazel changes his mind and comes back to rescue Rachel, saving her from his own trap and setting her free, deciding she was not worth the trouble. But soon he finds out that he needs her to discover Lucifer's resting place, the only fallen angel who can defy Uriel's rage. But, he also needs to fight a prophecy, that says that Rachel will replace his beloved Sarah, and together they would rule Hell.

Demon is a book that pretty much reminds me of it's predecessor. The characters, for some reason, look like the same to me. Rachel is just like Allie, and Azazel is just like Raziel. They are the same characters, with only different stories.

But the book is still worth the reading. The story is well developed, although the pace is kinda slow like the first one and the author is very found of minor details, which I am as well, so I enjoyed it.

For those who enjoy reading about angels, the FALLEN series is made for you!




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