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The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
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Aug 16, 2011

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This had a lot more poetry and wonderment in it than most things I give three stars, but somehow, though parts of it are breathtaking, I felt that parts of it were beautiful and profound and other parts slowed the inexorable march towards oblivion and rebirth that I think Bradbury was going for. Also, even though Bradbury is a mad wizard who wields words like magic, sometimes I think his prose is too much and I often disagree with him philosophically. Parts of this book, particularly the parts with Spender and the aftermath after the Final War on Earth, not to mention that stupid hotdog stand, hurt my heart and made me realize how much things have changed since Bradbury wrote this and how little. We are much more cynical than even this bitter and beautiful dirge about the foibles and frailty of humanity is, which is probably why as much as I want to love this, I can only appreciate it as a work of art, just not as a work of art that speaks directly to me. I wonder what "The Martian Chronicles" would look like if Bradbury had written in in 2000, rather than in the first half of the twentieth century? It seems to be that it encapsulates the fears and desires and hurts of the period it was written, and although they are recognizable, it's like I'm seeing them from the bottom of a swimming pool or well and can't ever get a clear enough feel of them. They keep changing because my perspective is skewed.

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