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The Flash by Geoff Johns
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Aug 15, 2011

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So a very similar thing is happening here as with Green Lantern: Rebirth; older version of the Flash (Barry Allen) is being reintroduced and sold to the audience as the "one, true Flash". I'll cop to being a long time Flash fan since I was 6, so I was well prepared for the dizzying amount of continuity getting flung around. Johns decides to darken Barry's origin, which leaves a bad taste personally, but he does give a slightly different spin on Barry's character which is that he sees the world from a cop's perspective. This is pretty stupid in a few scenes ("My first thought-it looks like a crime scene") but gives a slightly new dimension that was there than in the Silver Age (in which Barry was a relatively one note character). This comic is going to be super confusing for new readers (what the hell is a Black Flash!? Who the heck is Liberty Belle/Jesse Quick? Why should I care?) which is pretty much business as usual for mainstream superhero comics. For long term Flash fans, there are some nice moments, particularly with Barry catching up on recent history by going to the Flash Museum in the first issue. Again, Ethan Van Sciver does a great job on the art, and has some nice speed art touches which is always a challenge for new Flash artists (he does this great thing where the figures get elongated and stretched once they past light speed which is neat). For forgiving Flash fans only.

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