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The Cambridge List by Robert Clear
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Aug 15, 2011

The Cambridge List by Robert Clear
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews

James Connor thinks that murdering his former professors in cold blood is rather a bad idea. Unfortunately his head has been commandeered by a bloodthirsty family of Greek gods, so he doesn’t have a say in the matter. With Hera and Aphrodite at each other’s throats and Dionysos failing to keep order, James’s brain has become a cosmic conflict zone, and he’s worried they’ll leave it in ruins. There’s only one way out: he has to go from socially inept young man to slick sociopath fast. If only he wasn’t so squeamish about mass slaughter.

Follow the world’s least menacing serial killer on his awkwardly murderous journey through the little town of Cambridge, where ancient rituals, scheming academics and divine politics collide. And where murder has consequences unforeseen even by the gods themselves… (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

This book is awesome! It has it all! It's very fast paced and once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. The book had humor, however, it was a darker humor and not the type of humor for everyone, I enjoy a bit of dark humor, so this book was right up my ally.
I didn't want this story to end, it was such an enjoyable read! All of the characters were believable and the voice was very strong.
I absolutely loved the writing style it was also very strong. The story itself I found to be very original. I would recommend it to everyone I know that likes dark humor. Clear is an author to watch!

* Format: Kindle Edition
* File Size: 424 KB
* Publisher: Robert Clear (March 19, 2011)
* Author: Robert Clear
* Overall rating ***** out of 5 stars
* Cover art: I liked the simplicity of it.
* Obtained: I received a PDF from the author for review.

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