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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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Aug 14, 2011

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Read in August, 2011


If any of you have followed me for some time, you may have noticed that I've been more or less inactive on GR for about 2 years. Not completely inactive - I still check messages and read reviews, but I've been indefinitely stuck in a reading slump for a long, long time now. During the school year I told myself I was too busy and that I'd read in the summer, and now it's summer and I'm too busy with work and summer homework to enjoy myself.

But I really, really miss reading. I miss the people I talk to on GR and I miss the atmosphere of wandering around the library. Every attempt I've made at reading a new book (be it for personal enjoyment or for school) has ended in a DNF, no matter how good the book. So instead, I decided to take a new approach to getting out of my reading slump. I decided to reread a book I really loved.

And I really loved Die For Me.

However, I read this book back in 2012. 13 year old me could not get enough of cheesey romance, and this book had plenty. I was so in love with the romantic French atmosphere that I was totally blind to any flaws the book may have had. And to my disappointment as I read it the second time, there were a few.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book the second time around. This book nails what it was meant to be: wish fulfillment. An escapist fantasy. Like I said about Twilight, I'm not gonna give the book shit for being basically a reverse harem of dreamy rich guys. I don't particularly care if its very realistic because, hey, I live a very normal life with school and work and a normal relationship and I don't want to waste my time reading about a life I already live. I want something exciting abd better.

Here comes the shit I did have a problem with.

13-year-old me was absolutely fucking crazy for this book, and now I can see why. There were certain parts that sounded like they were written by a 13-year-old. I mean that literally. While reading certain parts (view spoiler) I couldn't help but cringe, because it reminded me so very much of my first drafts of my poor attempt at writing a paranormal YA novel back in 7th grade. Some scenes felt very forced and awkward. Some read like a cartoon on TV or a drama movie as opposed to something an actual person would say.

(view spoiler)

Of course there's the common trope where either the heroine or the hero push the other away to "keep the other safe" (or in this case, to keep herself safe.) That never fails to piss me off, but at least in this book Kate had some salvagable excuse to do so. I can't necessarily blame her for trying to protect herself from loss, but this, too, seemed forced. It was extremely annoying though.

From what I could tell, Kate's orphancy served three main purposes:
1. Give her a reason for being the new girl in town
2. Give her a reason to be depressed and victimized and self-centered
3. Slow the romantic plotline down a few kicks by making her afraid of affection

But I won't get too far into that. If Plum wants to give some background for her characters (which, by the way, we are never ever shown Vincent's broody side that his family members talk so much about) then by all means, please go ahead. It's better than letter Kate be a miserable sack of nuts for no reason.

And finally, the recurring issue I had with this book from page 94 onwards...

"I should be running away from him as fast as I could, not into his arms. Monster, not human, I reminded myself."

Kate relentlessly agonizes over the fact that Vincent is a "monster" and "not human" and "immortal." Which, okay, the last part may be true, but the first two are pretty subjective. She repeatedly refers to the revenants as monsters, dangerous, lethal, that she's putting her life in grave danger by loving Vincent. And maybe if she was referring to their war with the numa, that would be correct. But way before they ever even told her about the numa, she was internally whining about how dangerous and unsafe it was to be around Vincent.

This mentality may make sense (though is usually lacking) in stories where the protagonist falls in love with a vampire or a werewolf or a gangster. You know, someone who kills for a living. However, revenants are literally the exact opposite of those things. They save human lives for a living. Their sole existence is to protect others. I think being in love with a revenant would actually be much safer than loving the average human, because having a sword fighting buff body guard that can sometimes see the future doesn't sound so bad to me. So how exactly is being in love with a revenant dangerous, Kate? Cite your sources.

So, if I have all these complaints, how did this book still get 3.5 stars? It's weak point were the characters and the writing. But its strengths are the atmosphere and the wish fulfillment. It's 50/50 good and bad, so maybe I should've given is 2.5 stars, but the extra star is just for the enjoyment. though this book is flawed, it pulled me out of my slump. I fnished it in 2 days, which is my record for the past two years since my reading block began. So yes, Die For Me still has my biased heart.

(view spoiler)
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Honestly I don't see the problem. He's not a dangerous monster. He sacrifices himself to save people and comes back to life.That's not dangerous. That's actually pretty great if you ask me. She needs to chill with this "He's not human!!!!" obsession"
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96.0% ""No," Lucien said, shaking is head and holding the sword up defensively with his good arm. "It's not possibble. You're at the catacombs."
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This is all very cartoonish and theatrical (but at least still entertaining.)"
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