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Debugging Tori Redding by Jason Ancona
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Aug 14, 2011

it was amazing

With all the mass media's constant commoditization of sex and relationships, Mr. Ancona's work stands as a great anti-thesis to the sappy romance type formula that features in many commercial genres (from rom-coms in books/films, to the love triangles in many "YA paranormal romance" books, etc).

I think the honest and realistic voice of DEBUGGING TORI REDDING is one of the book's biggest strengths. We hear about Tori's internal conflicts without the expression being put across in a preachy/overly-moralizing and/or whiny manner. A touch of science fiction adds a further unique touch to this contemporary YA novel, and I like how it enhances the plot [without compromising on the relatability of the family scenes portrayed, and Tori's background of growing up surrounded by guys (without the presence of a strong feminine/female role model)].

Mr. Ancona has done a fine presentation of certain themes and issues which are on every self-respecting person's mind (I will mention here that "sexual/social liberation" is quite, quite different from "promiscuity" -- though that's a discussion for another time!), and a real gem amidst a pop culture world that seems to constantly laud mindless entertainment (Jersey Shore, etc.).

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