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Existence by Abbi Glines
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Aug 14, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011-release

Holy mother of cliffhangers, Batman! I can’t even… You can’t end a book like that!
But I think I know where the story’s headed from here. Or maybe I don’t and Abbi Glines will surprise me. Either way, I know I’ll be reading the second book as soon as it comes out!

Abbi Glines’ EXISTENCE may not be something I haven’t read before, but it’s still a good paranormal read that kept me entertained until the very last page. However, there were two things that rubbed me the wrong way. First, Dank is a horrible name choice for a main character. Sorry to all the Danks out there, but it’s true. And second, Pagan is not an easy character to like. I hated how she handled (or better say didn’t handle) the whole Dank-Leif situation. She was saying over and over again how she could never love Leif the way she loves Dank, and yet she continued with the charade, giving Leif fake smiles and fake kisses and fake promises. I liked Dank, but I think I liked Leif even more and he sure didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

But that wasn’t the only thing that bothered me...

The way Pagan became dependent on Dank toward the end of the book was really scary. She willingly agreed (view spoiler) without once thinking what this would do to her mom and her friends. I’m really hoping she has the chance to make better choices in the next book.
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Niki It's called TRUE LOVE :P

FreakChiq You're being sarcastic, right? :)

True love gor ali dol, ko se nekdo kr tak hoče predat smrti in/ali se mu tak sfizla, ker ga je ljubljena oseba zapustila, da mora v psych ward, potem je to scary. Fejst scary.

Proti koncu me je Pagan preveč začela na Bello spominjat. Me no likey on-a-guy-dependent chicks :D

Niki Mene je tudi malo na Bello spominjala, ko se je to zgodlo... veš kaj sem v bistvu potem ves čas pričakovala? Da bo konec kao, da on sploh ni obstajal pa da si je vse domišljala - ne bi blo to kul? LOL... zanimiv konec :P

Čeprav mi je ta bolj všeč :)

Je pa malo tudi mene zmotlo, da ni pomislila na mamo al pa na prijatlco vsaj... Ampak, pismo, sej mogoče delujem smotana zaradi tega, samo jaz bi tudi J postavla pred vse ostale...Čeprav ona njega pozna glih like par tednov, midva pa se poznava že več kot 8 let hh :D

Mi je pa bla ful všeč ta ideja glede sacrifice... tak awesome :) (Hush, hush moment sem tu spet dobla, ampak vedno, ko sem dobila te momente, sem jih takoj naslednjo sekundo pozabla - tak da ni blo annoying :D)

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