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Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner
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As a cancer conqueror, I was expecting a great read as I began this book! What could be more encouraging than learning from someone who had researched and talked to over a thousand radical survivors of cancer and asking what they had done to bring about those changes? I certainly wanted to hear what they had to say. The author noticed a pattern of nine factors that seemed pivotal in many of these accounts of healing. Of these nine factors, only two are physical things I could do- radically change my diet and use herbs and supplements. The other chapters are very spiritually orientated. The spirituality presented in this book was new age faith healing with next to no representation of healing from a Christian perspective. In fact, I don't believe the name of Jesus was mentioned at all.

Radical Remission's message, turned out to be: If you want to be healed of cancer, change your diet, take some supplements and turn to eastern religion. There is an anti Christian bias in this this book and overt paganism that fills its pages. After reviewing 1000 cases and interviewing over 100 people Kelly Turner could not find space in her book for any who had found healing by turning to Christianity. Although this book is about healing cancer it had a huge emphasis on teaching a certain kind of spirituality.

When I was a young woman I was also interested and participated in many of the new age ideas presented in this book. Having turned from those things, I am now a believer in Jesus and quite honestly no longer want anything to do with those practices. Having been in both camps, I found this book to be an uncomfortable advertisement for new age faith healing and paganism in its many different forms. Story after story is presented of patients and healers employing new age and eastern spiritual practices for healing. There is a glaring absence of those who have a strong biblical faith and found healing in Jesus. Christianity is only represented here in one or two very short accounts. Where it does come up in the longer stories is only to say how badly they felt under that oppressive old way they used to live.

Just as those who run in Christian circles have words and phrases that are distinct to them, they are said to speak Christian-ease; Radical Remission also has the distinct language, phraseology and philosophy commonly spoken in new age and eastern religious circles. Some of these ideas and phrases used in this book are listed below.

This book will offer you encouragement:

- If your interests lie in learning more about medical intuitive's with clairvoyant abilities who can read your energy fields and guide your healing journey.
- If you might be interested in following a mans journey to Bangkok where he meets a sikh who tells his fortune and he gets deeply into energy healing.
- If you believe God is a force or energy or an "it" that you can awaken, involve and tell that divine force to help you.
- If you want to read about what someone learned under the teaching of a Native American Shaman.
- If you want to hear about someone's experience with awakening kundalini rising in their spine.
- If your interested in Matrix Energetics.
- If your into Reiki.
- If your interested in energy healing.
- If you'd like the terms chi, qi, or prana explained.
- If you want to read about someone's 10 day silent meditation retreat at a Buddhist enlightenment center where this person has a spiritual experience and wonders if he is hallucinating or if he experiencing God.
- If your into hypnosis.
- If your into acupuncture.
- If your into reincarnation.
- If guided meditation and tapping to release energetic and emotional blockages interests you.
- If you chose not to be around people carrying bad energy and purposefully surround yourself with the highest vibration frequencies possible.
- If studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and learning about the meridian system, auras, and chakras interests you.
- If exploring the many different modes of new age thought and healing interest you.
- If you want to feel encouraged in throwing off the Christian God of your youthful upbringing.

Then you might find what you are looking for in Radical Remission.

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message 1: by Jjudyfl (new)

Jjudyfl Loved your review!..Think I'll stick to my self-invented Pecan Pie Protocol .

Mark Patro Christianity might be the answer for you, but apparently it wasn't amoung the top nine methods metions by those she interviewed. Maybe you should recognise that not eveyone in this world is Christian. And, not everything written that leaves it out is "anti-Christian"...

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