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Rapture by Lauren Kate
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Aug 13, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended for: fans of Fallen
Read on April 28, 2012

Let's go Luce and Cam! This needs to happen!


Fallen books are my guilty pleasure and I can't help and say I am so glad this books didn't suck. It so didn't!

I was expecting this whole boring story that would make me fall asleep. Sure,there were some less interesting parts. I struggled through the first half but then it quickly picked up and things were starting to make sense.

We learn more about Lucinda's connection with Lucifer,Daniel and Luce remain (too) cute and Cam is still a flawless God(pardon fallen angel) even though he didn't have as many scenes as I hoped he would have. We also see the almighty G.O.D. in flesh or in spirit,whatever you prefer. If you are worried that your favorite character might die,I can tell you that some people did actually die(view spoiler).

We get a VA type of a happy ending and I shed some tears because there won't be more of these books. I do think Lauren should write a spin-off with Cam as a MC. I would definitely buy that and so would all Cam's fan girls. Also because I had a feeling we didn't actually see what happens to him in the epilogue. So please,Mrs./Ms.Kate write at least one book with this flawless devil. :D

There was this scene with Luce and her new roommate and her name was Nora. I am not joking. That is her name. I laughed so hard. For those who don't know who has the same name,I'll tell you. Nora is the name of the very stupid girl from Hush, Hush.

Rapture wasn't perfect but it is so much better than Passion which I never finished reading. I am so sad Fallen is over. I wish all the best to the author. Haters need to GTFA.

Goodbye to Lucinda,her man Daniel and to Cam,hopefully one day I will call him mine. It was a blast hanging out with you over these past few years.

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Annabelle Marie Veronica I agree with the Cam part, but he's too good for Luce <33

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner LOL I agree with you. :D I wish I could have him all to myself.

Annabelle Marie Veronica Me too!! ♥♥

Shelly The only reason I'm still reading this series is in hope that it will be Luce & Cam! lol

message 5: by Jenna (new) - added it

Jenna Wainman-Riley That would be hot. Holy. Shit.

message 6: by Beverly (new) - added it

Beverly C. AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO LOVED CAM! God, I totally agree with you, if there was a spin-off where Cam is the MC, I would totally buy it! I mean, If II was Luce, I would be like....CAM FTFW! Lol. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who loves Cam....since my friends love Daniel and they hate Cam.... *sighs*

Jessie How in the world were you able to read the book before the release day?

Jessie Lucky you. I can't wait for next week, damm and then I'm broke. Might try to buy the cheap copy from Wal-Mart.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Isn't it out yet? It was so much better than Passion. I liked it very much. Hope you do too. :D

Jessie No that's why I asked you, it comes out the twelve. All I worry about is there an epic fight or is it cheesy? I like big battle finales it makes the book way more interesting.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Not a huge spoiler. (view spoiler)

Jessie :) I do wonder what the author will write next or is she will take a break. I also worry about the movies, will the make it big or will they be a disaster.I mean now they have to wait until the Hunger Games are over, and Beautiful Creatures.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner I hope she writes a book of two(or three) with Cam as the leading man.

I am not worried about the movies. I would rather see Vampire Academy movie soon. I hope guys working on Fallen movies will go for darker,more mysterious storyline instead of making it all about the romance. IMO that would do very well in cinemas.

Jessie Yes, if the company that owns Fallen ( Disney) goes the route of Pirates of the Caribbean then it will be good. VA is too many books they should just do it an HBO TV show or another cable show, in order to not cut the mature scenes from the novels. I just think there is too much vampire stuff out there it might not sell. I never read the series, but I heard they are good. I own the first four books, and I still can' believe I haven't read them.
Maybe a one stand-alone book with Cam can be good. This means Cam stays alone...

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner I agree with you about VA. It should be a TV show but that ship has sailed. THey are making it into a movie. I hope it becomes a TV show. You should read those books! They are awesome. VA is my all time favorite series. Rose is such a cool and strong MC.

Cam never stood a chance with Luce when Daniel is in the picture. After all,Luce and Daniel are soul mates.

Jessie I might read them next month all six, but not the spin-off. I hate spin-offs sometimes. I know, is like House of Night being turned into a movie. what the hell. That series is 12 books, it fits as a tv show better, not that the books are brilliant. From the third book and on they get on my nerves.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Ugh! Don't even get me started with HoN. Why they decided to make movies out of that series is a mystery to me.

I am sure you will like Va because I haven't met a single person who disliked the series. I didn't enjoyed Bloodlines as much as I hoped I would. Hopefully The Golden Lily will redeem the spin-off.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Thanks for commenting. :)

I haven't read Fallen in Love. Just the title made me cringe. Daniel wasn't annoying in Rapture. Surprising,neither was Luce. Even though I knew from the start that Luce and Daniel belong together I wanted Cam to end up with someone important. No luck,so far. I am hoping for a spin-off with him as the MC.

I don't expect the movie to be out until late 2015 or something like that. They don't have the director,producer,no script,no cast. So,we will have to wait a while.

Jessie At the moment, I'm reading Rapture. Good book so far, and I also think the movie might take time. Maybe until the Hunger Games ends, which will be around 2014 or 2015.

Caroline I love your review! Exactly what I was thinking. The ending reminded me of VA but in a good way. I'm glad she picked this ending, I can't really think of a better ending, really. It was actually pretty unpredictable, there were a lot of parts where I was sure something was going to happen but it didn't. I don't really understand how it has so many haters like seriously, it's flawed yes but it's not THAT bad. LOL Hush Hush sucked, that book is overrated. I cried too but happy tears :')

Gabrielle Nicole I totally agree with ya on the Cam spin off book! She should write one that includes his own story, what happened to him and how he will overcome his own fall! It would make a super food book maybe even add a romance to make it better !

message 23: by Cady (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cady Lorenzana I love Cam, too! But I am guessing Ms. Kate will gave him his own story, too. Lets wait! :)

message 24: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Kennedy is this book worth the read because book 3 was so boring

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Yeah,you should definitely read it. I didn't read Passion because everyone was saying it was bad. I still like Fallen the best,but this one is close second.

Holly Facer I emailed Kate about a Cam spin off and she just said she wanted him to remain enigmatic and I should imagine on my own what happened to him. Which means if she's planning a spin off she's not allowed to discuss it. Boo.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Hmmm...I think she should write about Cam. I know I am not the only person who wants that. If she could write Passion,than Cam,at least deserves one book.

Yassie Haha! Thought I was the only one who noticed Nora! lol

message 29: by Mary S. (new)

Mary S. Sentoza I agree that there should be a spin- off for Cam. I really liked his character and wished throughout the series more of him was mentioned. I honestly liked his character.

message 30: by Amy (new)

Amy I actually believe that Luce is so much more stupid and boring than NORA from Hush Hush... but, its just my opinion.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner They both suck. xD Wish author wouldn't write such horrid main characters. It would be so much better if they actually had a brain.

Claire Lol you gays I thought I was one of the only ones who loves CAM! I mean how can you not he's a bad boy at the start and then you find out what happened to him and your like Awwww! *sighs* if only he was real. Luce is so Winnie it really starts to piss people off. Have any of you read Fallen In Love? If not read it the first story is so cute you would never believe it when you meet these characters for the first time. I loved it soooo much but please girls don't get angry when I say I torn just like Luce in the first book. Daniel or Cam! So different yet so the same ( at times) :D

message 33: by Mia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mia Barrientos I'm on your side!

Alexis I liked Cam too, it bothered me how everytime he tried to talk to Luce someone interrupted him.I think Cam went back to his rock on the north pole to mope. In Fallen in Love thats where Roland finds him and Cam spent most of his time there after Lilith. I noticed whenever the angels were asked about something sad they wouldn't answer, like the scars on Arriane or Lilith. So based off of their silence when Miles and Shelby asked where Cam was I think he most likey went back to his rock or committed suicide.

message 35: by J.J (new)

J.J I agree,!!! I hate Bella and Edward and Luce and Daniel reminds me waay too much of them !!!!! Why dnt authors realise we dnt want a PERFECT love story .... But rather an 'opposites attract' kinda situation .... ??!! -
And isn't it better to tv both guys a fair chance before she decides at the end ?? This is 1 Reason I love The Hunger Games !!! For the two guys it was certainly "May the odds ever be in your favour " xD

Jeff Briel Yassss, Cam! Cam needs to get lost to Daniel and Luce. Cam needs to go back home... in my house! xD Just kiddin' ;D

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