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Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige
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it was amazing

Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige are two of my all-time favorite authors. Their exceptional writing has woven together many stories and characters and worlds that I will not soon forget. Their books represent some of my top favorites I have ever read, so it came as no shock to me that when these two ladies combined writing forces that I ended up LOVING what they created. Last year when they wrote Porn Star, I was completely blown away by their writing, the story they crafted, and the world they let me so authentically and unforgettably dive into. That book was one of my top reads of the year, and as I sit here writing this review for Hot Cop, I have no doubt that this book will be one of my top reads for the year as well.

Hot Cop was so good. So deliciously good. Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige once again showed their story and writing talent through every word of this consuming, heated, and exceptionally written book. They took ahold of me from the very first pages of this story, brought these characters and their voices to life in the most authentic way, and had me right in the thick of it through every word. The way they seamlessly gave me it all in this book, and balanced the perfect amount of heat and passion, with a story and plot that was well thought out and crafted had me loving every word of what I was reading.

Like I said, I love both of these author's writing so so much, and I truly think they are one of the best writing duos out there. When these two authors bring their writing together good things happen. Trust me y'all.

I have to say too that one of the biggest draws I had to this story besides the writing of these authors, was the premise of the story itself. Yes I was drawn in by the title and the promise of a hot cop, but more so I was lured in by the promise of fictional babies. I love me some stories that involve anything with fictional babies, so getting a story built on the idea that the heroine was just using the hero to have a baby was my golden ticket. That hooked me in right from the start, and the way that this story unfolded had me LOVING every word of what I was reading as these two tried to navigate the uncertain waters of trying to get knocked up without catching feelings. It was that balance as Livia and Chase went through this book and its events that had me loving them, rooting for what could be, and just enjoying and feeling and blushing at everything those two shared.

Hot Cop follows what happens when a woman who has sworn off men, hooks up with the ultimate one night of fun guy. They're both looking for nothing serious, just some fun and good old sexy time...with one helluva proposition thrown in. You see Livia is at the stage in her life when she can hear her biological clock ticking and she's ready for a baby. Not a man, not a marriage, just a baby. And she's decided that officer Chase Kelly is the man who can give her that baby. That leads to a pretty memorable proposition and the two of them embarking on a journey of unprotected sexy times, some serious back and forth banter, and one helluva connection that you will feel down to your toes.

The more these two spend time together and the more that fire between them grows, the more they both start to realize that they're both staring to feel more than they bargained for. Soon both Chase and Livia are forced to face some hard truths, and realize what they do and don't want. This leads to some heart squeezing ups and downs that will have you so in this story with them, rooting with all you have that these two will pull their heads out of their butts and fully give into what they share. Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige wove together the perfect story of lust, passion, connection, feels, and heart into one consuming as all get out package that I could not put down. (Seriously, I could not put this book down to the point that I ended up reading it in a crowded restaurant feeling all kinds of scandalous!)

Now let me tell you right now that both Chase and Livia will knock your socks off. Those two have the best personalities, the fieriest connection, and the most magnetic pull towards one another. What I loved about Chase and Livia was how sure and certain they were of what they wanted, who they were, and where they would end up...that made it all the more unforgettable as this book and its events pushed them to reevaluate all of that. I also loved that Natalie and Chase both had such great personalities that made me love them both so much. They were both smart, they were caring, and they definitely had some serious charm going on. Livia wasn't afraid to tell it like it is and show her sass, and Chase wasn't afraid to take that sass and run with it right into the bedroom, where he could give it back to Livia with all he had.

And trust me when I tell you that their connection in this book is on fire. There were quite a few scenes with those two that had me blushing and feeling like I needed a long cold walk in the frozen food section to cool off. The intensity between Livia and Chase heightened even more of what was happening between them, and as things got more serious for the two of them, what they shared ignited even more. Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige did such a phenomenal job showing what happened with these characters as this story progressed and letting me feel and experience how things started to throw them both for a loop when it all became a lot more real.

Getting to be there as things changed, as they became more real, and as Chase and Livia tried to wade their way through the world of feelings they didn't want to feel but couldn't help but feel made this book the spectacular read that it was.

Hot Cop is a story of handcuffs, babies, fire, passion, and what could be's. This story explores what happens when a sexy librarian and hot cop find themselves in unknown waters, trying to wade through the world of feeling they start to share as they make a proposition a reality. This book is a story of what happens when two seemingly opposites attract, connect, and try to multiply, and more so it's a story of what happens when you meet that one person who just might make you change your mind on everything you thought you believed.

I loved this book. I loved every phenomenal word of it. I loved what it gave me with these characters. I loved how it made me blush and feel more times than I could count. I love that it gave me a unique story that I could not get enough of. And I loved that it let me fall so damn hard for Chase, Livia, and what those two were trying their damndest not to actually share, yet couldn't help but share.

Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige once again crafted an unforgettable read that was exceptionally written, so easy to love and enjoy, and so beyond authentic that I got every ounce of this book, this story, these characters, and what they shared within the pages of this fantastic book. I can't say enough good things about this story, and I can't recommend it enough, so jaywalk yourself to it this second because Officer Kelly and his special lady friend Livia are waiting for you....and they don't disappoint. One little bit.
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