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Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
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really liked it

"For the hundreds who vanished and for the thousands who didn't. May your stories not be forgotten. For those who help today's orphans find forever homes. May you always know the value of your work and your love."

The Tennessee Home for Children (T.H.C.) was run and operated by Georgia Tann during the first half of the twentieth century. Although some children living in the home truly were orphans, there were many others that were torn from their homes. The reason?The mother may have been unwed or the family was poor. Unbelievable, right? The law enforcement in the area covered for Georgia Tann and the other workers at the facility. In addition, there were "spotters" that would look for vulnerable targets to kidnap and place under the care of the T.H.C. If this weren't bad enough, the children were horribly abused and mistreated. Georgia Tann illegally adopted ,no sold,these children to the highest bidder, as if they were cattle.

Briny told his daughter, Rill that she was princess of kingdom Arcadia. The river was her soul and the animals were her subjects. Rill lived and breathed the river. One fateful night,Queenie, Rill’s mother was rushed to the hospital when the delivery of her twins went horribly wrong...
Waiting for the opportunity to strike, it was during this time that a spotter kidnapped Rill and her siblings, transporting them to the T.H.C. Shaken and confused, Rill does the one thing she knows best. Survive.

My soul feels empty. The unfairness of it all is maddening to me. How could a person, in good conscious, rip a child from a perfectly good home on the basis that their family was poor? Or rather, an unconventional situation that society deems “unfit.” My blood boils for these children and the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the T.H.C. Their cries and shouts fell on deaf ears. These children were at the mercy of ruthless beasts (humans), who only viewed them as a paycheck.

The writing was effortless. I can’t believe this was a debut. I felt as if I was in the deep south right along with the characters. Although, this was a heartbreaking story, it is one that demands our attention. Let us not turn our backs on these victims ever again. We need to listen to their story. Once and for all. After all, we owe it to them.
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Amber I enjoyed this one too when I got an ARC from it a while back.

Crumb Thanks, Suzy! I hope to have my review up soon. Please check back in a few days.

Crumb Amber wrote: "I enjoyed this one too when I got an ARC from it a while back."

It was a really moving and powerful story.

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