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Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March
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it was amazing

So let's talk about how much I loved every intense, unforgettable, and unputdownable moment of this book. Beneath These Shadows was such an incredible addition to this series, and just when I think I can't love this series more, Meghan March blows me away once again. She makes each and every one of her stories so easy to sink right into, they all feel so good and so right, and they have the perfect blend of mystery, sensual romance, with fiery connection and banter that I can never get enough of. This book just made me love this world, this series, and all of these characters even more, and I loved getting one more little piece of it all.

If you have loved this series, then I guarantee you will love this book. It was full of twists and turns, enough shocks to keep you on the edge of your seat through every word, and bursting with the fieriest connection that'll have you blushing and melting through every single page. This book connects you to both of these characters, lets you understand what makes them seemingly opposite, yet also in the same breath what brings them together with the strongest magnetic pull, all while you fall deeper and deeper in it with them as they try to see what could be.

Beneath These Shadows is a story about two people with two serious pasts and one serious connection that can't be fought. This story follows Eden and Bishop as they attempt to pull out of the shadows of their pasts and find their way into the light they so desperately crave. This book is their sultry, emotional, and visceral love story as they try to put their pasts behind them, as they try to live with all they have, and as they give it all they've got to see what could be between them. Every page of this story allows you one more piece of those two, allows you to understand them more, and allows you to hope with all you have that these two will find a way to make it all work.

Every page of this book showed me how right Eden and Bishop were for one another. They both might be running from more than they'd like to admit, but there's something about them that they can't ignore. There's this magnetic pull there from their very first encounter that just gets stronger and stronger the closer they get and the more time they spend together. Soon enough these two find themselves unable to resist the fire building between them. Thought their pasts may not be that far behind them, experiencing these two give into what they shared and what they felt was everything. It was raw, heated, and it made me feel in the depths of my heart how much they really cared for one another. Eden and Bishop may seem like to pieces that shouldn't go together, but with what you get with them in this book you will know without a doubt that those two could make the most incredible picture, if they only give into it all.

I loved the two of them with all that I had. I loved that they both started off as hesitant to give into what they were sharing, yet the more time they were together, the more they couldn't resist each other and what they felt. I loved that Bishop was this strong alpha male who didn't want to look weak or give off any vulnerability, yet when he was with Eden he broke down those walls inside himself more and more to let himself feel. I loved that he was so protective and genuine and that he was a bit crass, but only in the best possible way that made me swoon and brought a blush to my cheeks. I loved that Eden was a girl that wasn't afraid to stretch her wings. She was scared and a bit nervous, but that girl was determined to live her life to the fullest and give it all she got, and I loved that about her. I loved how real she was, how easy it was to connect to her, and I loved that when push came to shove, that girl wasn't afraid to fight like hell for what she wanted.

Every page of this book brought these two closer together, and closer to facing those pasts that they left behind. Every intense moment they shared heightened it all, and had me dying to know how it would all work out for them. Meghan March once again weaves together a story that will shock and surprise you, all while having you feel some serious emotion and connection between her characters.

I truly can't say enough how much I've loved reading this series and being in this world. I have loved getting to see this series evolve, getting to see all of the characters I fell in love with again and again, and getting to be right in the middle of that incredible dynamic. Meghan March has fully invested me in this series, and I can't get enough. I know that there's only one book left which makes me all kinds of sad, but I have no doubt that whatever she brings in that last book will bring this series to a close in only a way that she can...and honestly I'm just beyond grateful I've had the chance to read these incredible books. I have loved them all. They've made me feel, and fall, and just love this world and the stories within it. This is a series about friendship and family, fight and determination, and what happens when you meet that one person who changes everything.

These books have wowed me, made me feel it all, and I can't accurately capture how much they've given me as I've read them. If you are looking for a new series to love, then you need this one in your life. You need it like you need your next breath, trust me on that, and I guarantee if you give these books a chance, you won't be sorry. The Beneath Series has it all, and I can't say that enough. These books will make you fall in love with the sultry and magical world of New Orleans, and you'll will love every second you get to spend with these amazing characters. Trust me. This is a series you will love every single word of, and you'll never get enough!!
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Meghan March
“I want you. I’m not making any secret of that, but now I’m going to wait until you admit that you want me just as much.”
Meghan March, Beneath These Shadows

Meghan March
“Protect. Defend. Claim. I hadn’t felt that fucking primal in years— and I needed to lock that shit down.”
Meghan March, Beneath These Shadows

Meghan March
“You wanna get dirty in NOLA, cupcake?”
Meghan March, Beneath These Shadows

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