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Beneath These Chains by Meghan March
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it was amazing

Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord. How I love that man with all that I have. The same goes for this book. I loved it so so much. It was another incredible read in this series. It was mesmerizing to say the least. A bit gritty, a ton heated, with some serious spice and one helluva connection between two characters that I felt all the way through. Beneath These Chains was a phenomenal addition to this series, and I loved every single word of it. I loved how it made me blush. I loved how it gave me a story of what it's like to try to overcome the pasts that keep you locked into places and feelings you never wanted to be and have. I loved how this was a story of letting go and taking chances. I loved how this book completely swept me up into its grasp, and didn't let go. Not one little bit.

I loved Lord. Boy did I love that man. I also loved Elle and her sassy determined self. There really was no resisting her. I loved their story. I loved their fight and tenacity. I loved how they just effing went for it, and how they owned every bit of their story. I loved their honesty and vulnerability. I loved every second of what they shared. I loved this book. Period.

Beneath These Chains is a story of what happens when two people with some darkness in their pasts, try to break free from the chains of those pasts. This story is about healing and letting go. It's about finding who you truly are, and where you're truly meant to be. It's about facing the hard things and moments in order to move on and break through the hurt and darkness that threatens to consume you. It's about love and family and trust and hope and so much more.

The story in this book follows Lord and Elle as they attempt to put the past behind them and find out what could be. When Elle comes demanding a job, and won't take no for an answer, Lord must figure out how to handle Ms. Sassy pants and the visceral pull he feels toward her. Those two are like fire and fire when they're together, and the more time they're with each other, the more they burn and burn in the best way. Lord is bound and determined to convince Elle to give what they share a shot, but Elle is held up on her rules that have her saying they should just be a one night thing. That so does not fly with Lord, and that man will stop at nothing to show Elle that they are going to be. Every page of this book and story continues that visceral burn and fire they share, heightening to the best level and taking these two closer and closer to that inevitable explosion when it all explodes.

From the very first page of this book, Meghan March so totally hooked me into what these two were sharing. She invested me. She made me love those two with all that I had, and she let me get them on every level. She let me get their quirks. She let me get why Elle was hesitant, why Lord was too, and what all changed between them. She let me feel every ounce of what those two shared, how real it was, and how much those two needed it and each other, even if they weren't fully ready to admit that to themselves. She let me get it all with them and that is just part of the reason why I love her writing so much, and just part of what makes her writing so exceptional.

Now let me tell you right now, there is no resisting the pull of Lord and Elle. Those two are like the most alluring thing you can think of, combined with chocolate and alcohol. They are the best. They are real, authentic, and aren't afraid to be honest with what they think and feel. Those two also have some serious pasts between them. They have chains that are so tightly wrapped around them that they don't know what way is up sometimes, yet the more they are together, the more those chains start to loosen. That was probably my favorite part of this book, and it's probably what's been my favorite part of reading this series. Getting to see these characters in their element, and getting to feel with every bone in my body how they affect each other, how they move each other, and how they heal each other while simultaneously shedding rays of hope into that darkness is EVERYTHING. Meghan March does an extraordinary job of bringing these characters, their struggles and their journey to life, and I am telling you that you will love every second you get to experience of that.

There will be no way you can resist Lord, his tattoos, or the sheer determination of that man. There's also no way you'll be able to resist Elle and her tenacity and personality that shines through every single page. You'll love getting to know them, getting to fall for them, and getting to root for them every step of the way. You'll love getting to be with them as they fight, as they fall, as they stumble, and as they pick themselves back up again. You'll love every word of it because it's bursting with their distinctive personality, it's filled to the brim with what makes them so special, and it's so amazing that you won't ever want it to end.

Meghan March thrusts you right back into the heart of New Orleans in Beneath These Chains, and she gives you one helluva story of the possibilities that come with meeting that one person who gives you hope for the first time in a long time. This book was enrapturing through every page, it was real and full of the best amount of heat and feels and raw pull that was unforgettable, and it told a story that I could not get enough of. The way that Meghan March so thoughtfully weaves together this story, and all of these characters makes for the perfect addition to the Beneath Series.

And I am telling you, if you haven't read the rest of these books then you need to get to fixing that as soon as humanly possible. These books are incredible. They are so well written, so consuming (I've seriously been devouring them for the last 3 days) and they are so incredible. The way that Meghan so exceptionally creates this world and connects all these characters has me beyond ready to see what the next book will bring, and beyond ready to get more with them all. I can already tell this series will be one of my all-time favorites, so don't pass go, don't collect 200 dollars, just read these books. You will not regret it one little bit.

And Lord, will you love them. Especially Lord, and Elle, and all of the other amazing and dynamic characters that make up this world.
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Meghan March
“Don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m not letting you go. Whatever happens, Elle, you’re mine, and you’re staying mine.” My words came without thought: “Like I could ever be anyone else’s.”
Meghan March, Beneath These Chains

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