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The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho
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Aug 10, 2011

liked it

As with all of Paulo's books "The Devil and Miss Prym" is an excessively easy read. This observation is no criticism. I like Paulo Coelho's stuff. "The devil and Miss Prym" is just as it is advertised. It is a book about temptation and about the ongoing struggle for humanity and for our immortal souls.

There is a war being waged and this war is waged by angels and devils in an invisible world which is intertwined within and without our own. We are affected and influenced while our choices, here on the mortal plain, seem to effect them or at the very least their potential for influence on us here in the mortal sphere. We assume ownership of our lives and our decisions but, in this world, they are not our own. Instead all seems preordaned. This is certainly true as a heavenly blunder appears to have been the catalyst leading to the events which affect the small village of Visco.

Lost and alone, betrayed by God, the Stranger seeks to prove a flawed hypothesis, no doubt conceived by his devilish influence. The Stranger has no faith and is consumed by hate. He is convence that all of humanity is evil, failing to realize that we are all influenced in some way or another by both in a purpetual tug-of-war. His hypothesis can be proven. His offer is golden, the temptation is as real as his reward.

It is easy to imagine that this book is all about a heavenly struggle. Well it is, but it is also a story about humanity. It is a story about choices and about courage and cowardous. It is a story challenging the false idea that many of us hold so dearly: the illusion of control. We are drifters and are influenced as we influence, effected and affected. It is a story for all of us, whether we are faithfully Christian or faithfully something else.

The long and the short of it...I liked the book, I got the message and though I only give it three and one-half stars; I am recomending it but I'm not loving it.

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