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First Kill by Heather Brewer
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Aug 10, 2011

really liked it
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May have slight spoilers.

In First Kill, the first novel of Heather Brewer’s The Slayer Chronicles, we meet Joss McMillan, who those that have read the authors The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod will already be somewhat familiar with.

We start out with Joss ten and the murder of his little sister by a vampire. This sets events into motion which will lead up to our meeting him in the Vladimir Tod books.

Those events begin when Joss’s uncle, the only one who believes him about how his sister died, tells him about their family heritage and The Slayer Society which Joss then swears to join.

He gets called to training years early at the age of 13; we skip from ten to thirteen fairly quickly, when usually they do not get called in until the age of 18. But the Slayer Society is in need of another person and Joss just happens to be ‘the next in line’.

Here we meet some of the Slayers and lean more about the Society. I have to admit when I first started reading I was really enjoying myself but then when we get to Joss’s training, I kind of felt, thrown off. I guess I wasn’t really ready for this after reading the Vladimir Tod books; I was expecting something a little more in line with them, funny, light, but at the same time suspenseful and exciting.

I did not get that, I do not think I laughed one time while reading this but did wince at times.

I did enjoy the book, it was well written definitly suspenseful and exciting but at the same time it was more…dark I suppose and full of teenage angst. The only problem was; I wasn’t expecting it. Even though I knew his life would be nothing like Vlad’s I still expected it to be more in line with his books.

This book to me felt like a good introduction into the series but at the same time I feel a little lost and hope that in the next book we will get more answers to the questions that are plaguing me. One of those questions involves Vlad though. In this book we learn well for those who read the Tod books Joss is just leaning about the Pravus and seems to be on his way to Bathory. Does this mean that we will have Vlad in the next book, from Joss’s point of view? I suppose I can only wait and see.

Overall though my opinions of the book changed through various scenes but at the same time none of then were bad and I read it in one sitting.

I would recommend this book to anyone who read the author’s Vladimir Tod books but also enjoys books filled with teenage angst.

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