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By a Thread by Jennifer Estep
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Aug 10, 2011

it was amazing
Read from March 11 to 13, 2012

Fantastic. This series keeps getting better and better. I was a bit worried that the series would lose momentum now that the main arc was finished but Ms. Estep proves that as an especially skilled writer, she can still suck me back in and keep me invested.

What I really appreciated about this book was the closure. Gin and her sister Bria both experienced great loss at the hands of Mab. And now that Mab is dead, both are struggling to determine their feelings and what direction their relationship will take. In this spirit, they take a long weekend vacation, which they both needed, back to Bria's hometown. Here, Gin meets Callie, Bria's best friend since childhood and is made painfully aware of the relationship she doesn't have with Bria. Unsurprisingly, this isn't a relaxing vacation as Gin finds trouble and conflict surround Callie and her restaurant. What makes this book even more riveting is that we have the return of Donovan Caine, the man who broke Gin's heart a few books back, as Callie's fiancee.

Of course, the central focus of this story is the resident crime lord who is determined to take over and Callie is in his sights. Finnigan, Owen and the rest of the gang come down to help and Gin once again finds herself needed as the Spider. But Gin walks into an ambush and her confidence gets shaken. What I really liked was the Fletcher flashbacks and how Gin is able to reinterpret his teachings to help her get over Mab, her strained relationship with Bria and the current shaking of her confidence. Gin is also forced to take a step back and relay on her skills as an assassin instead of her magic. She had become a bit lax as her powers grew and she was unaware of her almost complete dependence on them.

Ms. Estep does a wonderful job here in character growth. We could have had Gin waffling about her feelings about Bria and Donovan but instead, Gin learns a lot about herself and applies it to the current relationship issues she's having. I really appreciated that in Gin's mind, there was no question about her feelings for Owen now that Donovan was back. Yes, she acknowledged her history and what she felt for him, but she was finally able to have the closure that she needed, that every woman wants. And I reveled in her final set down of Donovan; how she finally let him have it and even though she could have had him back, she made it clear in no uncertain terms that she was over him. I secretly crowed at this scene and felt the purely female satisfaction of a woman being able to let a former lover "have it". And Owen... he is truly the perfect guy. I also really appreciated that Ms. Estep didn't create a triangle here. He was confident in Gin and trusted her and was even willing to let her go if she truly wanted that. But he knew that Gin really, sincerely loved him.

So. This book was all about closure. Gin finding closure over Donovan. Getting over her fears about Mab and the current threat. Finally getting her relationship with Bria healthy and realizing how real and significant her relationship with Owen really was.

I'm completely and totally a fan of this series. I hope we have many, many more adventures with Gin and I'm counting down the days until the next book. Definitely an autobuy for me.

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