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Stotan! by Chris Crutcher
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Aug 10, 2011

it was ok
Read in February, 2012

I'm not sure I gave this book an unbiased chance. the reason I read it is that Ben is reading it in English at school and I wanted to read it with him. I had some reservations going in from other reviews I read on good reads. In the end, I wish they weren't reading this book at has a very disturbing domestic abuse scene that really bothered me, the language is bad, and there are a number of sexual references I could have lived without. I never would have read this book on my own and then suggested it to Ben. I know if I talked to the English teacher about it, he'd tell me that's how teenage boys talk; he hears worse than that on the bus, etc. He'd think I'm naive about my son. Call me naive, but I'd think he's wrong. I honestly don't think ben's friends talk about sexual favors from their friends' moms and sisters, etc.. I'm not saying that's not coming, but at this age and the friends he has, I don't think so. and not even the teacher would argue that he hears language like that in the hall (they DO NOT allow that at their school. At all.)

If I just read the book on my own, and maybe discussed it with some people, I'm sure I would have appreciated the messages of the book more, and probably liked it more. It does deal with some heavy issues, but there are some good lessons learned, and the ending is pretty good.

I'm having a bit of an adjustment that someone thinks my son is old enough to read this, not get bogged down in the seriously yukky stuff, and learn from it. I can't say that it's an uplifting book and that's what I prefer he read, but hopefully he gains some good things from it.

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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Malone It's so cute that you think teenage boys are concerned with etiquette rules at school..."yo mom sucked my dick when I gave her that flower.", "Hey Morton, that kind of language isn't acceptable at this fine educational institution."..."You're right Norbert I'm deeply sorry for my inappropriateness." Haha but seriously, were you home-schooled? because teenage boys are the foulest mouth, filthiest humans on the planet when they're together and at the same time can be the sweetest most thoughtful child when around their parents. It's a social bonding/one-upsmanship thing, often they're just trying to impress each other and lying is the glue that holds it all together ("I fucked Betty Doerty last night, that bitch is a nasty whore"). And I'm not referring to 16/17/18 year-olds either...I've heard much worse from 12/13/14 year-olds.

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