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The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London
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Aug 10, 2011

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The Call of the Wild (3/5) and White Fang (2/5), I averaged each companion novel for the overall book rating. I remember being read parts of White Fang when I was little. I was so enamored with Huskies after seeing the movie Balto and having been exposed to this book. This book sat in my to-be-read box for a while; I don’t know how long it had been before I decided to pick it up. I wanted it to be winter so I would be pulled into the environment of the snow and ice, but also wanted to time it with going back home and seeing my dogs. With my Huskies all gone now I look back on our times shared fondly. Jack London captures the spirit of dogs wonderfully; both stories are beautiful testaments to the special bond between humans and dogs. The Call of the Wild was thrilling and kept a consistent pace; it surprised me. White Fang was not as stellar as I remembered, but of course it wouldn’t be since it’s in my childhood. Now that I have absorbed the full story I found it disappointing. The beginning is really good, the desolation and desperation are as palpable as they are chilling. White Fang growing up is interesting and pretty cute. His first days at the Indian camp were promising and I was really looking forward to a more intense rivalry between White Fang and Liplip, but he took out Liplip too easily. Gray Beaver’s sudden self destruction in one paragraph was lazy and a plot convenience. White Fang’s dog fights lacked detail and tension (except against the pit bull) as the ones in The Call of the Wild had plenty of, it seemed like Jack London was having White Fang go through the motions without passion to hammer home how undeniably superior he was. The molding of clay analogy was overused and became boringly trite. The chapters are chunked and would have been better if White Fang’s development were more interwoven and smooth instead of staggering forward. The Call of the Wild & White Fang was a good book that gave great insight to the perception of dogs.

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