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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
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Aug 09, 2011

did not like it
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Nightshade: Win
Wolfsbane: EPIC FAIL!!!

Nightshade was awesome. I read 130 pages in one day. I couldn't put it down. Wolfsbane? Yeah...

I read 5 chapters a day so I could get it done in the week I had left with it from the library. I wish I didn't have to endure that much of it at once.

Pages 1-80: Calla and Shay look like idiots, not figuring even the simplest things out by themselves while Silas(the freakishly racist scholar) tells them about their real history.

If you thought Calla was slow in the first book(and really, sometimes I was wondering that myself), you will think she's a complete moron in this one. There were many times that Silas would say something and I think to myself, "Ah, that's interesting, that means this is this." It won't even be something that I think they're hinting at, it's just something that they explain. Only Calla and Shay don't get it, they need it to be explained further.

And speaking of Shay, he has probably 30% of the brain power he had in the first one. In Nightshade he was figuring stuff out in an instant, knowing things that a normal person wouldn't know. In Wolfsbane he's a complete idiot. He's not quite as slow as Calla, but he's getting there.

Spoilers from this point on!

The thing that drove me crazy the most was the whole Monroe and Ren situation. As soon as they mentioned that Monroe and Ren's mom had a thing, I knew without a doubt that Ren was his son. It wasn't a, "Oh, I bet this is what happened, I'm almost sure!" No, it was, "Gee, could they make that any more obvious?" And what a surprise, I was right! Oh, wait, not a surprise. Because there were no surprises in this book.

And then, even when Emile pretty much says that Monroe is Ren's father, Calla STILL DOESN'T GET IT!!! I wanted to strangle her.

Emile: "He's almost as stupid as his father!"
Calla: I didn't get it. Why would Emile be calling himself stupid? It just didn't make sense. And why was he staring at Monroe when he said it?

Now, those aren't exact quotes, but the big picture is the same. Let's see, Monroe says he had a thing with Ren's mom, he's been acting as protective as a father, and Emile implies that Monroe is Ren's father. I wonder what that means? *face-palm*

And then the one time that Ren is shown, he's ten times the douche he was in the first book. I mean, I get that he's messed up, he's been tortured and he lost the girl he loves. But come on. He tries to rape her? No, that's just stupid! I know he went a little too far in Nightshade, but she was kinda asking for it in that one. (Edit Sep.2017: I reading over this I realize it sounds like victim blaming, but I meant that she literally wanted him to make a move, not that she was wearing sleezy clothes or flirting.) She was leading him on every time she saw him, only to regret it when she was with her precious Shay. In this book Ren is just a monster who's trying to force her to be his.

And then there's the cover. Why, oh why, does Andrea want us to think that Calla is a stripper so badly? I get the whole wolf-crouching-ready-to-attack thing, but that's not how it comes off. It's more like I'm-a-seductive-chick-who-wants-to-sleep-with-you-for-money.

I'm still gonna read Bloodrose, partly to see if it gets better, but mostly just to finish the series.
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Crystal Starr Light That book sounded painful!!

message 2: by Laura (last edited Dec 13, 2011 01:19PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Laura Crystal wrote: "That book sounded painful!!"

Very! Which is sad, because Nightshade was so awesome.

Lily I agree nightshade was impressive but wolfsbane is kind of an epic fail...and too boring I must say!

Laura Agreed! Even the "exciting" things weren't exciting(like Addie moving the whole place through magic).

message 5: by Rena (new) - rated it 1 star

Rena I personally fault sorry for all of the poor Searchers getting killed because of the stupidity of this book. They are pretty stupid people and shouldn't had lasted five seconds against the Keepers let alone centuries.

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