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Touch by Courtney Maum
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Apr 28, 2017

it was ok

I received a digital ARC of Touch by Courtney Maum in exchange for an honest review.

To be very honest, if it weren’t for the obligation I felt to write a review, I don’t think I would have finished the book. I would have stopped reading and set the book aside before I reached page 80 (of 306). Since I did feel obligated to finish the book and provide a review, I thought a lot as I finished the book about why I wasn’t into it.

It wasn’t an awful book. The writing is fairly solid (though scattered with a bit too much French to make it a comfortable read). There was nothing offensive, nothing that happened in the first part of the story that directly turned me off.

I finally decided that my problem was with the characters. Sloane (the MC) has an interesting job (this was the bit of premise that made me ask for the ARC in the first place). She is a trend forecaster. It is her job to observe the people and world around her and determine what the world is about to need. What people are about to need.

Sloane starts the story in a long-term relationship with a man named Roman. Their relationship is odd. They have been together long enough that they have grown out of the lovey phase and passed into a phase were they seem to do nothing more than share living arrangements.

The story opens with Sloane moving from France (where she has lived for a decade-ish) to New York. Roman is moving with her. This was the start of my trouble. Their relationship seems to have no love in it. I could not find anything about Roman that I liked. It didn’t seem like Sloane could either. Given that the relationship was effectively already over, I didn’t understand them moving to New York together. That move would be a logical ending point for a relationship that had really been over for some time.

Since I didn’t like Roman, and couldn’t see that Sloane did, either, this impacted my view of Sloane. There was no explanation for why they were still together. They do not have children (in fact, both pledge to never want them), they do not share pets, they don’t seem to share any fondness for each other. It seemed to me that Sloane was choosing to be unhappy. It made me really not like her.

So I was stuck reading about a character that I didn’t like, who was in a bad relationship with another character that I really didn’t like. And nothing was happening.

For more than half of the story, I had no idea what Sloane wanted. Yes, people sometimes don’t know what they want, and the story, the drama, is in them figuring it out. Sloane didn’t seem to be moving toward figuring it out. Despite her job as a trend forecaster (which relied on her having premonitions, which was another issue for me), Sloane spent the first half of the book thinking about her past.

The bigger problem was that I (as the reader) didn’t know what I should want for Sloane. It wasn’t until page 80-ish that I was given a glimmer of what Sloane should be striving for. After that point, the story got a bit better. Things were finally happening, although I thought most of the plot was predictable.

Overall, I just didn’t enjoy this book that much. I did not connect with the characters, the plot had no surprises for me, and I just was not drawn into the world of the story.

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