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Hide by Lisa Gardner
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Aug 09, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011

This book came to me with recommendations from both my Mom and Dad, which led me to believe it was definitely going to be worth my time.

Hide is 310 pages where you don't want to do anything else but keep reading, so beware! My favorite books are tapestries of characters and information, and Gardner weaves a beautiful, complicated (but easy to follow) and colorful one. She introduces a wide variety of characters yet manages to keep them all clearly defined. You're never paging back through the chapters to remind yourself of who someone is and how they're related to the story. Her characters are likeable and instantly relatable, even if the story is pretty far out there.

Annabelle Granger has spent her entire life running -- she just doesn't know from what. Every 2 years or so, her parents packed up and left town, obtaining new identities each time. Now, as a young adult on her own (both parents are dead), a police investigation uncovers an old crime scene that ties itself to Annabelle and brings her invisible boogeyman right to her doorstep. It's time to stop running, and to figure out what (WHO) she's spent her life running from.

In the past, I've praised Tami Hoag for writing suspense/crime that keeps the ending a surprise until you get there. Gardner joins this small group of writers who are capable of writing a story that is honestly suspenseful and not overrun with a bunch of filler and obvious false leads. EVERY lead is a possible one, and the cops depicted in Hide are intelligent, doing their jobs well and with the amount of constraints you'd imagine a real police task force to have. They make mistakes, yes, but not mistakes that make you scream out in frustration, "Why did you do THAT?!"

All of this, added to the fact that Hide is a crisp 310 pages long, makes for a quick, satisfying and suspenseful story. You won't want to put this book down until the end, and when it's over you'll find yourself adding more of Gardner's books to your "to read" list.

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