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Tales of a Drama Queen by Lee Nichols
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Apr 07, 2008

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Read in April, 2008

I went to visit A Friend in a different city and didn’t feel like reading the book I took with me, so we found a used bookstore and decided to check it out. I mean, there are Borders and other regular bookstores but I generally find cooler things in used stores. This time, not so much.

However, I did get 3 books: 2 Piers Anthony and “Tales of a Drama Queen” by Lee Nichols. This was, I discovered to my horror only after I bought it, a Red Dress Ink book. Which means it’s published by Harlequin. Well, it wasn’t so bad. Not your standard formulaic Harlequin romance, which is good.

Elle Medina is a late 20s woman who has never held a job. She met her now-ex-fiance shortly after graduating from college and became a kept woman. That is, until he went on a business trip to Iowa and came home, after a week, married to another woman. Elle moves to Santa Barbara and lives with her high school best friend and decides to get a job, get an apartment and get a man.

For 279 pages, we read about how she screws up at every opportunity and learns how to be a grown up. It was interesting to me because she never actually did learn how to be a grown up when she was supposed to, so her experiences are similar to what a teenager might go through. Since I didn’t learn how to be an adult until late in life myself, I could relate. Oh, my issues weren’t that I didn’t get a job but there were other things. Elle is a likeable character and the story, while not deep, is entertaining. If you are looking for something fun and easy, this is a good choice.

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