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Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
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Apr 06, 2008

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Well, I guess everyone has there dirty little secrets. Mine is that I really like this TV show, and when I saw the book I couldn't resist picking it up and reading it. I whipped through it in basically one sitting, about 3 hours, so you know it wasn't the deepest book. Still, it explained a lot about who Dexter is that they can't cram into a weekly 1-hour show. Dexter is the ultimate damaged kid who grows up into a sociopath and becomes a serial killer who only kills people who he knows have killed innocent people. He is detached and remote and coldly analytical about himself, his life, what he does, how he pretends to be normal. The good part of the book is how Dexter sees in other people how they hide and pretend to be normal too, only the rest of us don't admit that we are hiding and pretending. So he is at least honest about it. Not for the faint of heart. Or the easily offended. Or probably just about everyone else. So now I will go back to pretending I am horrified by this book...
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message 1: by Beronica (new)

Beronica HA! HA! HA!! EEEK!!! Yes, I admit was a little facinated to see the show especially for the George Michael music but I tend to forget the showtimes on account of the graphics. I have a graphic memory and I don't need to be tripping.
At least its better than your clown fettish! heee heee hee

Oh, yeah! My latest read was the Pharmacist Update on Allergy Regimine Tables! Top those
graphics! Children suffocating due to allergens or 'cus their caretakers (tired Moms like me) can't register the subtle cues of an allergen cough versus a cold cough.

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