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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
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Aug 08, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal, suspense, vampire
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Finally, the question is answered about the type of relationship between Butch and Vishous. It's not quite what I thought it was, but it was honest. I always thought Vishous was mistaking his feelings for the real thing out of loneliness, yearning and jealousy. I'm sure Butch is aware of the underlying feelings that V seems to have for him, and perhaps Marissa knows as well, but it really bothered me that they continued to live in the pit as a mated pair and went about their "business" around him. What single person wouldn't grow depressed over time?

One such night of Butch and Marissa getting down with the marital bliss forces Vishous out of the house and into the streets. He soon finds himself in a bad situation with a Lesser. He gets shot and winds up in the hospital, on the operating table of one Dr Jane Whitcomb, trauma surgeon.

Jane is on the verge of leaving the country for an interview in pursuit of a career-changing opportunity. Highly driven, and a control freak by admission, she yearns to put herself in a position that could put her on par with her friend and colleague, Dr Manny Manello.

During the operation, Jane makes a surprising (scientific) discovery. Whoever her patient is, he isn't normal. Before she can get some answers, Rhage, Butch and Phury arrive to retrieve Vishous, but suddenly his bonding instinct flares and he orders the others to take her with them. Within 24 hours she finds herself a prisoner, a private nurse and unexplainably attracted to and properly seduced by V. She also deduced what he was, rather quickly I might add, and from there they got rather cozy very fast. When Phury is hurt in his own encounter with a Lesser, Dr Jane is present to put him back together again, thus ensuring more time to get to know V. The fact that they divulge some painful details of their lives, while practically being strangers, was probably due to the fact that V was going to scrub her memories before sending her back to her life. It certainly moved their bonding along faster that way. After Beth, Jane is my second favorite female.

I know some people took issue with V's rather sudden abandonment of his sexual Dominant nature. The way I saw it was that he was already tiring of it and found little to no satisfaction in it. That's not to say that he gave it up completely, as it will always be a part of his nature. However, I think his longing for a more vanilla relationship overrode his other urges or at the very least toned them down. So when Jane showed up and basically won him over with her quick wit and intelligent mind, he jumped at the opportunity.

We're also finally treated to John's transformation. The poor kid sure waited long enough for it to happen. It's nice to see a few things that give him some measure of happiness. Like the fact that while he pretty much failed in all areas of warrior training, he turned out to be very efficient with a gun and knife. Z continues to be a surprisingly compassionate mentor, and I think Z is slowly starting to make a few interesting observations regarding similarities between John and the late Darius. I always thought Z would be the right person to be there for John since they have a few things in common. I did make the mistake of reading Lover Mine (John's story) first, and at the time I didn't understand a lot of things. Now that I'm reading the series in order, I have a better understanding of the story and the characters. And now that I have a better picture of Xhex, I can't understand what attracts her to John. In the last book she was described as a very butch female. Built big, haircut like a man, looks like a hermaphrodite, etc. That is a complete one eighty That is a complete one eighty of how I pictured her when I read Lover Mine.

I don't understand why Lash is still in the warrior program. He just seems like a loose cannon. I guess even in the supernatural aristocracy, sweeping unpleasantries under the rug is a given as it is in the human world.

There was a huge absence of Lesser activity in this book, thankfully. I needed a break for the Mr X's, O's, D's etc. Instead we learned a whole lot about Vishous and his parents, the three musketeers - John, Blay and Qhuinn, and Phury's story was being set up. There were quite a few twists I never saw coming, and I thought they were laid out well. My only issue was the handling of the ending in regards to Jane and what she ended up as in order to stay with Vishous. I've noticed that a lot of readers are quite upset about it, but I'm reserving further judgment about it because Ms Ward probably had a reason for the way it played out. At least I hope so, otherwise this was a really cheesy ending. I'm still giving this book the highest rating, and it's going on my favorites list which means I will be re-reading this book many more times to come.
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08/09/2011 page 37
7.0% "What?! Never would have guessed that. Vishous has a mom :D" 1 comment
08/09/2011 page 148
29.0% "The close connections between Butch & Vishious and Phury, Bella and Zsadist is interesting. I feel sorry for V and Phury and the guilt they're feeling. They just don't understand it yet." 1 comment
08/09/2011 page 156
31.0% "I'm getting a real kick out of seeing Vishous out of sorts because of a woman. I swear, the men arguing with females seem to have a direct connection to their loins." 3 comments
08/09/2011 page 173
34.0% ""I can only guess you're checking my navel for lint." Hahaha! Now who's the smart-ass, Vishous?"
08/09/2011 page 257
51.0% "Come on, come on Jane! Ask him what his name is! Ask him what V stands for. And it isn't Victor, lol. Ask already! :D"
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64.0% "Tick tock Jane!"
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67.0% "Awww hell, V! :("
08/09/2011 page 350
70.0% "Dang it! How does the all-mighty mother dearest not know or sense that V is a bonded male? Maybe she does but doesn't care. Ugh. So not liking this part."
08/10/2011 page 448
89.0% "Feeling a bit out of sorts, are we Phury? Hehehe .... and another Brother bites the dust."
08/10/2011 page 482
96.0% "Damn, this is sad, crazy, incredible twists ... this is going down as my favorite in the series. Sorry Z."

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Sandra welcome to Vishous' world. hehehehe. Make sure you have a mop (for the drool) and tissues (for the tears). Fair warning. :)

MsRomanticReads Now you're scaring me, lol!

Sandra Michelle wrote: "Now you're scaring me, lol!"

You'll need both...though not at the same time. :)

Btw, if you downloaded A Faerie Fated Forever from the freebies yesterday, put that high on your list. I adored it. :)

MsRomanticReads "Balls are to men as handbags are to women. You'd feel naked without one."

Sandra Michelle wrote: ""Balls are to men as handbags are to women. You'd feel naked without one.""

Don't you love the one-liners? There are some real zingers in there. I giggled a lot. :)

MsRomanticReads Sandra (TMoT) wrote: "Michelle wrote: ""Balls are to men as handbags are to women. You'd feel naked without one.""

Don't you love the one-liners? There are some real zingers in there. I giggled a lot. :)"

I remembered that line from Sex and the City and it seemed very fitting for the observation that Jane made. At the rate their going it's going to be interesting. V usually has a smart mouth anyway and Jane doesn't have a filter. I love them!

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