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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Aug 08, 2011

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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
*This book was borrowed from a friend*

Hit List is the newest installment in the Anita Blake series. It continues to follow Anita and the gang as they try to stop the Harlequin (the ones that can’t be named) and Mommie Dearest. She is joined by her fellow Marshal’s as they try and find a serial killer that is leaving bodies in several different states.

Anita is becoming faster and stronger either through her vampire marks or lycanthropy. She is also healing much faster and finally getting a handle on the ardour. She doesn’t have to feed it with sex all the time; she can also feed off of anger. She is away from her sweeties and she is discovering some series repercussions of not being able to see or touch them.

Edward is there to back Anita up and to watch out for her. He is concerned when two of the newbie’s get hurt and they have to call in Olaf and Bernardo for back up, along with several of Anita’s bodyguards. They are in series trouble and need all the help they can get.

I love the Anita Blake series up through Obsidian Butterfly. I got past the next few and then started getting excited again when it looked like Anita was back on track. Well, to me this book fell short of all expectations. This book is extremely drawn out for the first 269 pages and then we get to the good stuff. The only problem is the climax is over in less than 50 pages with 3 pages of wrap up.

Yes, Anita gets to kick some butt, there are serial killers, blood and guts but the story was lacking content. It was more filler than anything. Even the sex was toned down to one scene in the whole book. She is still collecting men and some of the male Marshals made it obvious that they had a problem with that.

I love the relationship between Anita and Edward and we learn more about them both in this book. Olaf is just plain creepy and scares me as much as he does Anita, especially now. I missed seeing Jean-Claude, Micah, and Nathanial and yes, even Richard. They were there through the metaphysical link only.

Overall, if you are a fan of this series, I would definitely say pick it up but I would not read it out of order. I give Hit List 3 Flaming Hearts

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