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The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner
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Aug 07, 2011

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It is easy for me to see why this is a beloved book for so many people. It is intelligent, clever, twist-y, tightly written and has many gasp-did-that-just-happen moments. It also has strong, admirable characters and a tortured, brave hero in Gen. It's the kind of fantasy not just written for teens, but smart enough to stand outside the YA genre on it's own.

As for me, I have the lowest rating out of all my friends on here O.o

What can I say? It's a book worthy of 5 stars, for sure. But I never rate the book, per se (it's hard enough rating as it is sometimes. I am often in a quandary over the whole star rating thing). My star ratings are an indication of my love/enjoyment of the book.

Here, my three stars say I liked it: I could see it's quiet brilliance but it just (sadly, weirdly) didn't do much for me. I enjoyed my time with it but it didn't capture me (or bewitch me) as it seems to have done for everyone else.

(this review isn't so much a review as a reason for my (lower) rating. As I know many of you will wonder what went wrong, haha. Nothing, just not a "me book" (Although I tried to love it, I really did ~ also, I actually think I enjoyed #1 The Thief more, contrary to popular opinion)
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Catie Yeah! *Fingers crossed*

Nomes thanks catie. i am already liking it more than i liked 'the thief' (which i gave 3 stars too)

Catie I think that I gave The Thief three stars too.

This is my favorite of the series.

Chachic YAY Nomes! I'm hoping that you enjoy reading this one more than The Thief.

Tina Same here. I liked QoA a lot, but probably not as much as the others did. I found the next book more charming for some reason. :)

Nomes ARGH, Tina!!! you will make me want to go on and read the next one now :)

I did enjoy it, but there's A LOT of political stuff and it didn't suck me in. My fave parts are the character interactions but the book is much more than that.

I actually feel like a failure, not loving this like everyone else has :/

Tina Nomes wrote: "ARGH, Tina!!! you will make me want to go on and read the next one now :)"

I had that feeling after reading this! I needed to read KoA right after. Haha. I won't stop you - I found KoA less political compared to this one. :D

(view spoiler)

Nomes (view spoiler)

Maybe I should check out KoA? Would definitely if my library has it. Hmm...

Maria Hi Nomes, i liked QoA more than The Thief. in fact, it's my fave among the series. :) don't feel bad, not every book is for everybody, right? It really does get better in KoA.

oliviasbooks What you've written could also describe my impression of the first book in the series. Maybe I should really give up on these books.

Chachic Aww Nomes, I feel bad that this didn't work out for you! One of the reasons why I loved it was because of all the political intrigue, I'm a sucker for those. :) But Maria is right, we can't all like the same books so you shouldn't feel bad that you didn't love this one as much as we did.

Limonessa I'm going to read this soon. It's good to know I shouldn't feel like the odd one out if I don't love it.

message 13: by Reynje (new)

Reynje I really like your approach to ratings :) I struggle with it and i think your 'enjoyment of the book' rather than 'the book itself' system is a great idea.

message 14: by Nomes (last edited Aug 09, 2011 03:37AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nomes @ Lisa: I am startled that my 3 stars is the lowest rating out of all my GR friends (which are many) who have read this. I think I got lost somewhere in the plot./ Also, it would have helped to remember the political history and geographical locations more from #1. It was hard to visualise, at times (needed a map or something)

@ Reynje: it is the only way I can move on with my ratings. If i start thinking 'but the book actually was quite brilliant ...' I will never know what to put. I just go off how I personally felt about the book, regardless of it's brilliance ...

Same in reverse: some books I love-with-the-passion-of-a-thousand-suns but I know they are flawed and not for everyone. But if they manage to be my favourite, I go the whole 5 stars regardless of flaws (or even parts I don't like). My fave reading experiences deserve my 5 stars, IMO :)

@ Chachic ~ thanks. I still loved reading it. And I know some of my fave books are very 'meh' to other people, LOL> I know my taste in books ~ and I am trying to constantly expand it :)

Catie Ah, don't feel bad Nomes. We can't all like the same things! If you only sort of liked this one, then I don't think that you'll like the others either.

Chachic Nomes, I know what you mean. I read books recommended by bloggers who share my tastes in books but that doesn't mean that we'll end up having similar reactions. I'm just glad you still decided to read this one. :)

Choco It was the same with me. I can see the book was worthy of 5 stars, but I didn't emotionally engage with the book as much as I would've liked. Like you said, it didn't capture me. wonder what it was..

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