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it was amazing
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Audiobook: A VERY NON-TRADITIONAL REVIEW: - just sharing....not really a review...

My typical days are like boot camp lately -walking between 7-10 miles a day -PLUS an hour circuit weight resistance class ( 4 mile walk to class from my house) -- then I often walk to a cafe - eat & drink something - check-in with Goodreads -- try to touch base with this community- a few 'one-on- one' chatting exchanges--during my sitting break.
Sometimes I try to talk into the phone while I walk. Typos exposed!
Before walking to my weight residence class - I'm often at the gym at 5 AM-- a few weights & stretching to begin - then an hour to 90 minutes of cardio 'while' reading from my paper white -
BEFORE THAT....I've read in bed a few hours 'before' the gym....
Exhausted yet? For relaxation-- I've added back an OLD FARTS YOGA CLASS.....AN EASY CLASS .... much too easy for me --but it's perfect! The breathing alone and time for inner blessings -private time to experience being 'one' with the world - hoping to be a better person, is worth the extra time spent in class. I send out blessings to family & friends while I'm in my own space on my own yoga mat. ( very private & personal but real for me)....
Why am I sharing this? I retired from traditional reviews--- but I may write a few NON- TRADITIONAL REVIEWS as my way to feel connected with people here I love and am forever thankful for!!!

After receiving the crappy diagnosis of osteoporosis on July 3rd this year --I knew I had to make changes. Take the yucky medication - and not fight it.. GET THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF CALCIUM in my diet not under-eat... and get out of the chair. Writing reviews that take an hour or more won't build bone density.

So-- I started downloading as many audiobooks I could get my hands on - free- from the library overdrive. I paid for a few too. Getting ready for walking- moving daily boot camp - reading included.

When I finished "The Hate U Give".... taking my turn at this book, which I recommend everyone take THEIR TURN, ....I still had about 1 more mile walk home. I was DYING TO CONNECT WITH MY DAUGHTERS. This book did that to me.

Perfect solution: play music that reminds you of them!!!
So-- I immediately listen to Aerosmith, "Don't Want to Miss A Thing", from Armageddon---Ali insisted on playing that song as her 'opening song' at her Bat Mitzvah.....nothing Jewish about it!- and we have a luv/thing with Aerosmith together.

For Katy - I played "Someone Else's Story" from the Broadway Musical "Chess". It's such a beautiful song ( listen to it). Katy use to sing it often! She always brings tears to my eyes when she sings it. Her voice is beautiful.

And how does ANY OF THIS RELATE TO "The Hate You Give"? I have no idea ....
other than all these emotions - thoughts & feelings ARE ASSOCIATED with THIS BOOK.
Somehow they are all tied together!!!!

I'll leave you with one sentence in this book that - for me - represents the context of this beautiful- heartbreaking story.
"A Good Garden Needs A Good Conversation".

5 Strong stars!!! I vote the audiobook!
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Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader I love that sentence you quoted, I love Aerosmith, and I love hearing from you any way I can and especially through this non traditional review! I'm glad you are falling into your new routine and not only falling into it - embracing it, thriving with it, as you do. I will most definitely add this book, my friend. Xoxo 😘

message 2: by Starjustin (new)

Starjustin I'll think of you now Elyse, when I walk and listen to my music! :-)

Elyse  Walters Awwww. A love group hug!!

Thank you soooo much Jennifer and Star!

And? Guess with the girls name is in this book? It's STAR....( well, it's her nickname) . Her uncle works for the police department and there's a reason that he gave it to her after she was born. ⭐️

Elyse  Walters Hey Jennifer & Star...., do you ever wish that we had a music the red on the site? I do - and have wished it for years.
People posting their favorites- to fit moods that go with the books they are reading. - silly - but I love the crossover

Lena Hugs from me too.

message 6: by Starjustin (new)

Starjustin Great idea Elyse!

message 7: by Ron (new)

Ron That was a fabulous share Elyse. I am tired just reading your boot camp routine - whew - and totally loved it. :)

Ninoska Goris Thanks for sharing that with us. Maybe I should copy you and stand up (in my case from my bed) and start moving my body and perhaps the 50 lbs I need to lost go with it

message 9: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Zapata Elyse, you are an incredible inspiration. I wish you all the best with this new challenge. I'll be thinking of you while I am out on my own walks. Be strong....you can do it!! Big hugs from Mexico!!

message 10: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson I'm so happy you loved this book, Elyse! I have it. I need to get to it soon. Hugs! ❤️😘

message 11: by Mandy (new) - added it

Mandy Radley Glad you enjoyed the book Elyse, have it to read when I get home. Currently 'connecting' with my mum and dad in the UK 😊

message 12: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Richards A lovely insight into you Elyse :-)

message 13: by Joudy (new)

Joudy we sometimes need Non traditional reviews, Always a pleasure to know more about you!!💙

Teddie Thank you for your "non-traditional " review, Elyse! Enjoyed it! And can't wait to listen to "The Hate U Give" audio book! :-)

message 15: by Gina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gina McDonald I think the audio version would add a lot to the wit/humor part of this book

message 16: by Diane S ☔ (last edited Jul 19, 2017 07:15AM) (new)

Diane S ☔ Keep on trucking girl. Loved this review and somehow or another I actually understand what you are conveying. lol

Ellie Fabulous review, Elyse. Sorry about the osteo - but I know you'll deal well (you already are) and build up that bone density.

I also love the part about connecting with your kids: with mine, its pop music for my daughter and heavy metal (Ramstein-don't know the spelling) for my son. And of course they live with me so we talk a lot.

In fact, I gave Katie this book and told her she would love it (and she did). The audio sounds great but even reading it was wonderful. I loved Star and found the whole story gripping.

So glad you continue to share with us (you have a fan club who love you so much!). I always love hearing your voice. As well as your tremendous enthusiasm for books and reading. And life.

Jenny Baker Great review! I'm listening to the audiobook now and that narrator deserves an award! I'm loving it too! My mom has osteo. Her doctor told her to take a vitamin D supplement to help with calcium absorption and it reduces joint pain. She can feel a difference.

message 19: by Ann (new)

Ann What a lovely review - please keep them up! I really loved that you are dealing with the issue that we all face - - how to connect with your kids when they live miles away and have time consuming jobs and/or babies as well? Usually I just feel sorry for myself - but I will definitely take up your music idea! I like it a lot. Of course I also send them emails about books, and sometimes they do read the books and we get to talk about them. Remember I said sometimes....! I too deal with osteo - - you are doing all the right things - - just keep at it, which is much easier said than done. Thank you again for the great review as always.

message 20: by Andrew (last edited Jul 20, 2017 01:15PM) (new)

Andrew Smith Wow! I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to say. Two things, I suppose:
1) Yes, it's exhausting reading your daily routine - but good on ya for taking up the challenge to stay fit and healthy. It's absolutely the right thing to do!
2) I have a long time love affair with audio books - multitasking at its very best :)

Elyse  Walters Mandy... thanks. I hope you're having a wonderful visit with your mum & dad and having fun being in the U.K. 🙂

Elyse  Walters Thank Joudy! Sweet 🍉

Elyse  Walters Thanks Teddie! Oh this book is worth reading - it's worth the 'hype' and I LOVED the young reader's amazing voice on the audiobook too. SUCH FEELING in her!

Elyse  Walters Hi Gina - yes.. exactly!!! - the audio version was JUST THAT ...
'added' so much 'warmth' to the wit/ humor parts .... AND also so much emotion to the 'fear-sadness- and grief too. BOTH!

Elyse  Walters Oh Diane - THANKS... smiling ... and somehow I feel 'you' know. You and I have 'both' been down these roads- AND ... both have been married a long time - both have adult kids...
please take care of 'yourself' ... that's our deal together!!! I 'always' have your lucky - happy 'pot-of-pens' ..on my nightstand!! A little 'Diane' next to me every night💕 good luck charm!!

Elyse  Walters Ellie... that was the sweetest comment! Thank you!!
Funny - but it's true - parents 'do' have music associations with their kids... We know 'some' ( at least) ... of their favorite songs as music is ESPECIALLY important to a growing child - teen - and young adult. I 'need' music still too - but for the younger generation- it feels even stronger. It's their lifeline. Lol
Oh -- and I love when 'you' share about your kids - living with you. It's soo special!! And thanks for pointing out that READING THE BOOK - not just the audiobook- is gripping/powerful too!!!
Star 'is' a wonderful young 16 year old girl. Great character as you say!
Super hugs Ellie⭐️

Elyse  Walters Jenny... I like how you think! I sooo agree - that narrator deserves an award!!!
Oh - I didn't share my Vit D story here: It's WEIRD!!
Seems I have toxic levels in my blood. I have TOO MUCH Vit D

So... as part of my regime- ( homework- haha) ...
I am to REMOVE ALL & ANY supplements that have Vit. D

Most Calcium supplements & multi vitamins HAVE VIT D mixed ...

In 3 months I get tested again - hopefully Vit. D will have fallen back to normal ranges.
THEN.... The doctor will 'test' adding small amounts of Vit D BACK into my supplements -- and I'll keep getting tested every 3 months for about a year until we figure out the right amount I can take without going OVER the range --YET... I'm also hoping to keep my Vit D levels High-
I'm aware of the benefits - which is why I've been taking VitD3 with K for years. But - with all my walking AND the natural sunshine - I got Too much.

VitD is not like Vit. C...(where too much wouldn't become toxic).
TOO much Vit D - is a fat soluble vitamin - and can build up in the body and cause heart problems-so people need to have their levels checked 'if' they are supplementing every day.
The body can build too much over time -like mind did.
I'm pretty sure I can easily correct this- but it MUST get corrected.
Hope your mom gets checked too.
Just to make sure.

You are right about one thing
VIT D IS NEEDED and can be a positive difference- keeps the immune system strong too.

Most women are often TOO LOW in it. It's rare to be too high. Lol

Hugs sweet girl 🏋🏼‍♀️🌺

Elyse  Walters Ann ... oh I sooooo loved everything about your comment- thank you. Seems we share a few major things in common in our 'mature' age as women & mothers too ...
You and I should check in with our STRONG BONE routines.

I had no idea how common it is -- but it's still an issue to take serious- no matter how many of us have it.

I've ordered a couple of books to read ( I wanted the physical books) -- they should arrive soon - about more things to know and do to support osteoporosis.
I'll let you know if I think the books were beneficial to me and 'comforting'.
It's clear we must do 'our part' ...not only think the medication is enough ( that is only part of it)....
and it's nasty harsh on the system- but I'm not willing to risk NOT taking it.

Send me a personal message anytime - I hope you're doing good with your Osteoporosis

Did you know that only 20 percent of older women who break a hip survive? Within a couple of years - or 'sooner' they often get pneumonia- or other infection - then never recover.

Plus - having brittle bones can cause a rib or spine to crack from just a bad cold or flu - coughing -
and it's 'painful' .. so we have a CHANCE ... to build back 30-50 percent bone density- at most - but THAT'S a LOT and needed for people with osteoporosis--
If they do all the right things.
medication- 1200-1500 milligrams of calcium a day- MOST should be with REAL FOOD...
But if you 'cant' eat enough - or won't - then my doctor wants me to only supplement with 600 milligrams ...
The rest - they say is vital - that it must be with FOOD..
pills are not the first choice.
So .... lol. Homework calcium rich meals. Lol. Ha. So much for spontaneous fun!
Isn't getting older fun?
Hugs Ann...( my osteo buddy! 💕

Elyse  Walters Andrew ... you are a DOLL OF A FRIEND!!! Thank you! and thanks for the 'thumbs up'
encouragement! I am doing all I know to do!
For breakfast yesterday - I cooked broccoli- with added cheese ...with salmon ...

I drink Kreifer now - small glasses throughout the day ( if I'm home - and not out walking all day... lol)

Its so easy to me to forget about eating - grab a power bar - or a protein morning drink -- and not eat - other than perhaps a piece of fruit or rice cake until
dinner - and even then -I usually just had a salad...
I still liked something 'sweet' though. lol. Less today than when I was a kid...
but I never was the 3 meal a day eating girl - and wasn't crazy about milk and dairy products much ...
Plus being small - yikes: I should have known I was. time bomb ready to go off
Maybe? My bionic foot two years ago?? Was a red flag too?

I have no arthritis-so I'm lucky in I have no pain - just the 'silent' killer.
But - I'm eating my calcium now - and doing everything else I said I was doing.
I've dealt with tummy aches from trying to add extra calcium foods - so I'm still experimenting with 'which' foods I can tolerate. Plus the medication gives these side effects too ...
but the great news in my favor -
I HAVE ENERGY. I FEEL STRONG - I'm lean - I have no pain -
And I like exercise.

It was those 'long reviews'
that wasn't necessary...
we don't get a pay check to HAVE to sit in a chair a couple of extra hours 'writing details' about a book ...
My 'health- error': pleasure!!! ...but so is crack I understand. Haha.
Sooo.... I'm trying to correct!

Thanks Andrew for your long time buddy support!!!!

And...,Paul and I are taking a 'relaxing' beach vacation in Hawaii in Dec. ( after a busy summer 'here' with our Airbnb guest)

Elyse  Walters Thank you JENNIFER 💕🌻📚

Elyse  Walters Natalie ⛱🏃💃💕📚💕 THANK YOU - very much.

message 32: by Bianca (last edited Jul 20, 2017 05:11AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bianca I'm sorry to break this to you, but your reviews have never been "traditional", they've always been personal and personable and showed bits of you. My favourite type of reviews. Shall we call you a gym freak? :-) XXXX PS: I'm a recent convert to audiobooks, less than a year ago, I was swearing that they were not for me. I guess never say never (I've listened to over 17 already :-) )

Stacie Elyse, I'll take your non-traditional review anytime! Love the idea of suggesting music to accompany the book, we could create book soundtracks!
By the way, I'm currently reading and loving Little Paris Bookshop because of your review...Decemberists mix cd in background, perfect. Thank you my friend

Lindsay - Traveling Sister Elyse - I am IN LOVE with these non-traditional reviews you are writing! You are such a wonderful and loving woman and I'm so glad to see this book brought out such heart warming feelings for you - sounds like a great book if it made you want to connect with your daughters right away! I thank you for such a personal and passionate review! xo

message 35: by Tim (new)

Tim Great stuff, Elyse. So nice to hear you're not vanishing. And I love the review as diary format! Get strong and be well!

message 36: by Adina (new)

Adina You just made me book a class at the Gym. I was feeling lazy but your review was the motivation I needed.

message 37: by September (new) - added it

September Williams Wow!!! A review that not only makes you think but act! ... about a book that not only makes you think but act!

Elyse  Walters Bianca.... oh my gosh you made me giggle. You mean all this time I wasn't doing traditional reviews?
I think that's what happens when you know absolutely zero about writing. But I do like to share with my friends. Oh, and I can completely relate to what you said about audiobooks.

For years I said I would never listen to them. Then one day- Iris sent me a couple ( trail experiment). One of those audiobooks is still one of my favorites to this day: "Annie on My Mind". It was so good and the narrator was so good.
Hugs my friend... Ms. 17 audiobooks just THIS YEAR! 🎧🔊📚💕

Elyse  Walters Hi Stacie.... wow thank you so much and it's so good to see you!!!!
We sure go way back - here together!!! Sound book tracks. - very cool. I LISTENED to the book "ECHO" .... and I was walking on trails most of the time. The music with the story was so beautiful: and at the time I had never listen to a book that did include your soundtrack of music.... so unique and so beautiful enriching the story. Another audiobook favorite standout!
There are days when music is the best thing to listen to right after a book ends before starting a new one-- as a transition too. Specially those books were we just need extra time to contemplate and we want to stay in the experience longer.

I'm thrilled you are loving "Little Paris Bookshop". And I don't know that mixer talking about but now I'm curious. I'll look it up.
Super hugs Stacie 💞

Elyse  Walters Lindsay-- BIG THANKS!!! - for your support ... and for not having me look or feel like a complete fool.
But I agree when we read a book and we get into the characters in the story and the setting and the experience AND ALSO
we reach into our own life somehow someway with people we love or perhaps take time to meditate and forgive privately if that's the best we can do even if the other person doesn't even know.... but yes I agree a book is really good when it crosses into our personal lives.
Thanks with all my heart! ❤️

Elyse  Walters September..... WOW.... you must know how to write and edit. :)
How did you do that? Those words are true and powerful and thank you very very much. You were able to get to the point and say what happened with few words - and they were so powerful and *empowering*.

OK now I got to share another tiny story.... lol
This was several years back. I read a book called
"The Forgetting Tree" by Tatjana Soli. She also wrote "The Lotus Eater"... A book she got more recognition for...
But I enjoyed both of them.

I was in a slump when I read
"The Forgetting Tree".... but something happened to me directly from that book that was very positive.
There was a scene in the book where one of the characters was given a very VERY expensive necklace from her boss. Oh, I actually LOVE this book I don't care anybody else does or not - but I loved it.....
There's much more to story but I'm trying to give you the short version: you're sitting by the swimming pool that is completely filled with allergy-- thick YUCKY GREEN. The character dives into the water with that expensive necklace on. You don't wear something a fine jewelry like that and any pool let alone that water...
But there was a lesson to be learned about stop saving your special things and start wearing them and using them.
Put on your special clothes and jewelry just for yourself.

So for the next week I created a game in my own life. I got out of my slump clothes - and every day I wore something different - and special in my closet for NO REASON...
My entire mood change. My Spirit changed. I think I tried to grab a few girlfriends to do this with me.
But there was another case of putting something into action from one page of a book.

Thank you SO MUCH .. for the encouragement and reminding me that these are good things!!!

Elyse  Walters Hi Tim!! Thank you!!!! It's hard to vanish from this place! But I'm away much more so I can be out taking care of my bones. Lol Big Hugs xo🏃🏃🏃

Elyse  Walters Adina! That's so cool!!! Love it🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🏃🏃🏋🏼‍♀️🍋🍌🤺🤾🏽‍♂️🤽🏾‍♀️🚵🏾🥇

Kathryn I love your non-traditional reviews! And wish you much luck on your journey to building denser bones! Xxx

message 45: by Auden (new)

Auden Dar Wow! Thank you for your awesome non-traditional review! Wishing you all the best!

Elyse  Walters Lena wrote: "Hugs from me too."

Lena ---------------THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox Hugs Back my sweet friend!

Elyse  Walters Ron wrote: "That was a fabulous share Elyse. I am tired just reading your boot camp routine - whew - and totally loved it. :)"

Laughing Ron............. and "Totally" ...*thank you*! :)

Elyse  Walters Ninoska wrote: "Thanks for sharing that with us. Maybe I should copy you and stand up (in my case from my bed) and start moving my body and perhaps the 50 lbs I need to lost go with it"

Ninoska: --Sweet girl -- maybe I should just come visit you -- explore your country --....and you can do boot camp 'with' me :) --or you come 'here'! xoxox

Elyse  Walters Debbie wrote: "Elyse, you are an incredible inspiration. I wish you all the best with this new challenge. I'll be thinking of you while I am out on my own walks. Be strong....you can do it!! Big hugs from Mexico!!"
Thanks Debbie ---ok...I'll think of you, too, on walks. Must be hot in Mexico right now - "enjoy" your walks -and audiobooks!! :) xox

message 50: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Smith Elyse wrote: "Andrew ... you are a DOLL OF A FRIEND!!! Thank you! and thanks for the 'thumbs up'
encouragement! I am doing all I know to do!
For breakfast yesterday - I cooked broccoli- with added cheese ...wit..."

That's some regime, Elyse. But it's a healthy one, a regime that'll help you look after yourself. It takes discipline and focus or maybe it comes naturally to you, either way it's great that you're living it. And no pain - thats got to be good :)

The reviews? You're right! I've cooled a bit on that too. I've found that I now read less NG books - in fact I read less books. I listen to lots though. I love the flexibility of being able to do something else whilst someone tells me a story!

You sound like you need and deserve a holiday. I'm sure you'll have a brilliant time. Take care and keep in touch!! Xx

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