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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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After Reading:
It would seem my prayers went unanswered after all. The book is like Bayou Moon, aka the one that everyone loved to pieces but which I found to be exceedingly boring.

The short version:
The only really positive thing I have to say is about the the writing. I never get over just how good the work Ilona Andrews does. No matter my many complaints, I can't deny that this is some of the very best I have ever read. That and Roman. He is awesome.

But the rest of the book: It. was. BORING. I still don't like Raphael, nor the boudas, and I definitely don't enjoy Andrea's story telling; she's gone down in my estimation as well. So yeah, 5 stars for the writing; -1 star for the chracters, -1 star for the plot.

It took a while, but I finally got excited to read Andrea's book. The release of the first chapter snippet had me especially excited. I mean, what a backstory Andrea had! So gut-wrenching, and coupled with all that she had been through over the course of the five Kate Daniels books I was really keen to see the world through Andrea's eyes and watch her come to terms with herself. And then I read Magic Mourns; and then the release date drew closer.

Perhaps it was a given that I would not enjoy the book. As I have stated below, I don't like the boudas. Without exception (well, mebbe Martina. Mebbe). I also don't like Raphael. With Magic Mourns and (cemented with this book) I realized I do not enjoy Andrea's narrative voice. Recipe for not-enjoyment.

Anyway. The plot for me was boring. I could see it all happening and couldn't bring myself to care. The mythology fell flat, and the characters fell flat. Additionally, the drama with Raphael only served to make me think less of Andrea. I found it all tedious, and immature and stupid and I expected much better from her. The drama also served to make me completely unsympathetic to their plight, and in turn to their story.

Roman was the saving grace of the book for me. I love that volhv.

Even so, I can't deny it's a well-written story. So again, Bayou Moon

In summation, for me Gunmetal Magic felt like a mannequin in the show window of a high-end store: very beautiful, flawlessly presented....and utterly lifeless.

Before reading:

I am a bit worried because

A. Unlike Kate or even Dali, I am not sure I like/enjoy Andrea's narrative voice.

B. I don't like Raphael.

C. I don't like the boudas.

But on the other hand......

A. Roman makes me laugh a lot.

We'll see how this goes
It has a cover!

Eh. I don't know if this is how I picture Andrea. The attitude/aura I get is on point but not the face.

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12.58% "I don't like Ascanio (he's a bouda, after all) buy for once I am cheering him on! Good boy!! Raphael and Andrea are totally in impressing me with their drama and childishness."
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12.58% "All that perfectly fine and heart wrenching emotional outburst and the. He had to go and spoil it by being mean and petty and she has to behave like an idiot. #whyspoilthemoment?"
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30.37% "It's not that i don't have good things to say about the book, something which is completely not evident from my updates but seriously? Baiting each other like this is childish and immature. I'm not saying people don't act like this when they've been badly hurt, I am saying it is stupid, petty, selfish, mean and unworthy. And that I expect so much better. It makes me completely unsympathetic to their drama. Caramba."
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message 1: by Ab (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ab Not quite, but actually close.

Dija Wow, I agree with every single point you made. I don't like Andrea or Raphael as well and the whole bouda issue is simply boring.

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