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Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld
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Aug 06, 2011

Oh my God! Oh my God! Flatland! After suffering through that book and the project on it in school it is amazing to have it referenced. I probably shouldn't get so excited about this but it is the one time I get to use the useless knowledge of what happens in Flatland. Other than that the book wasn't that great. Westerfeld can, and has, done so much better. A lot of it seemed like a streatch of the imagination and I know it isn't real but considering the things that Westerfeld has made believable in his other books this really could have been better. Also, can I just say, Madeline is just using them and they are just letting her. For all intensive purposes she had that little girl killed and they are trying to protect her from the darklings? The whole wiped out because of TV and air conditioning was weird too. Like we all haven't done bad stuff right in front of our parents?

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