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Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
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Aug 06, 2011

really liked it
Read from August 06 to 12, 2011

I'm sitting here looking at this, trying to decide how many stars to give this book. You see, I hated the beginning. Okay...I didn't "hate" it, but I didn't enjoy it a whole lot. "Where is Butcher going with this?" I found myself wondering. Of course, now I know where he was going. I'm not giving it five stars. I give it four. It wasn't nearly as enjoyable as most of the other Dresden books. I don't like having my emotions toyed with like this. It doesn't feel good. It was certainly different, and it certainly lives up to its title, Ghost Story. But there is just too much pain in this book. Plus a tad too much of Harry Dresden whining about how he shouldn't have done what he did at Chichen Itza, and how he didn't think it through, and how he murdered Susan, etc., etc., etc. Too much of that.
All that being said, the actual story was pretty cool. I can't say much of anything about it, unfortunately, without spoiling it. Even giving away the slightest bit of the plot would be considered a spoiler, in this case, because it starts right up in chapter one. I will say one thing...we get most of the usual characters in the Dresden book, but there was one that was sadly missing. WHERE WAS TOOT-TOOT, JIM??
There is the usual Dresden dry humor, of course, and his apprentice, Molly...well she shines like a supernova in this book! In fact, this book is almost about Molly more than it is Harry.
There were several weepy moments. Quite a few, in fact. One of them was interrupted by the end of my lunch break at work yesterday. That was extremely annoying. I had just hit the climax of the book when my phone alarm went off, signifying the end of lunch, and was sitting there going, "WHAT????? WHO???? NOOOOOO!!!!" And then I had to quit (I was almost in tears as I went back to my work station) and wait to finish the book after I got home from work. I went directly to the couch, turned on the lamp, and didn't move until the book was finished.
So, yes, the book held my attention. And it was typical Jim Butcher style. The only thing that's keeping me from giving it five stars is the pain.

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